Monday, April 26, 2010

The move of Holy Spirit through Praise, Worship & Prayers

"Dear Prophetess Cassandra,

Thanks a lot for your prayers, Hope you are all doing well in the Lord! Amen.
Thanks a lot for the prayers towards the crusade we had in Kaliro it was very good, and the power of God moved in this crusade in that many got saved and the church in Kaliro was boosted, it was very successful thanks a lot for your prayers. God moved in a mighty way that many got saved and delivered from demons, and the captives were set free. this coming week they will be carrying out baptism, we saw God touching on the lives of many, many lame, leprosy, paralyzed, deaf, blind,people got healed and we praise God so much for such a wonderful testimony, moslems and sorcerer came to the Lord it was a great joy to see this happening, and as the bible say that these signs shall follow those who believe, for sure it is because we witnessed the power and the anointing of God in Kaliro. so the crusade was very powerful and successful thanks for all your prayers.
We managed to collect old/used clothes to give to the orphans and the poor widow, and this was an encouragement to the people in Kaliro. The orphans have started going to school this week, but there is still lack of materials for them to use they need books, food, and mosquito nets the situation is not good at all there is hunger in Kaliro, and these orphans are sleeping hungry without food, the people in this village are hoping to yield the harvest in July that is when we plan at least to get food at low price, kindly stand with us, I will be emailing you the photo for these orphans. thanks.

God bless you all! Amen.
In Him
Joseph Senoga Richard.

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  From: Prophetess Cassan...
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Dear beloved brothers & sisters in Christ,
 Subject: ~ Proverbs 2:12 ~
  " Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men ..... "
             I have completed my part IV testimonial on the Visitation to Heaven and very much like to share with you all  ....

  To God be the Glory,
    Prophetess Cassandra


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