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Visitation to Heaven ( II )

Visitation to Heaven have 5 parts

Part II                       I led the 1st soul to Jesus Christ

               On the following Monday, as usual we went back to Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics ward in HUKM. After prayer and asking Holy Spirit to guide our team, with God's peace we started to reach out and gave comfort to the sicks. I miss sister Ah Moi  and when I sitting at the same bed ,my heart was fill with joy. She welcome me just like the 1st time we met. That afternoon, she was telling me again in Cantonese, "I saw Jesus, he said I can go home." I could not believe what she said but truly, a week later when I came to visit her in the hospital, I could not find her anymore in the ward. Thank God, I remembered we have kept her home address and contact number. So I arranged with a younger sister in Christ who has car, we plan for the next following week to pay a visit to her home at Cheras flat.

                 As we reached the Cheras flat area, I felt sad because the condition in that area is so poor and dirty. These are all low cost flats, we were searching for her house and could not find it. After many prayers and seeking Holy Spirit for guidance, finally we found the flat number ( Ground floor hiding at the back roll ). Inside the house was dark, hardly have any light, and she was staying there all alone by herself. My heart was broken to see Ah Moi's real condition. And we barely find a chair to sit. The other sister suggested that we sing a couple of Chinese Worship songs, then we shall continue to pray and  ask Jesus to sent His angels and also her family members ( All her daughters has married and they all have shifted out ) to come and visit her, and to take care of her. At her Cheras flat, sister Ah Moi kept whispering to us that Jesus have came and visit her three times. I was curious because Ah Moi did not even have a bible ( She can not read ) and she never met Jesus in her entire life, how would she know the Lord in person? who came into her dream ? But from her childish face and the joy when she shared about the look of Christ who was accompany by a young boy..... I have certainty that Jesus Christ has visited her personally
                 Two weeks later, surprisingly when we went back to Hospital U.K.M., I had spotted sister Ah Moi was being admitted into an emergency ward again. Visitor  was required to wear a mask on their face and hand gloves before entering the ICU ward to visit her. This is to avoid further infection by gems from outside the room. Her former surgery wound was open up and got infected. One of her daughter was sending her back to hospital for further check up. I thank God  that she had made a wise decision because sister Ah Moi was safer at least in the hospital than the old poor flat home. In the hospital there are nurses and doctors available when she in need of any assistance. I started to visit her more frequently since then, sometimes two to three times a week. Our relationship has grown from total stranger to very close sister.
                Sister Ah Moi is such a dear one to me. Every time I visited her, I helped her to drink water, massage her both hands and legs, peeling the orange and apple for her, etc. I pray that the Lord will heal her, I claimed  Isaiah 53:3-5 into her life. I was strongly believing God will do a miracle and heal her completely and I often told her that one day she will be able be discharged from the hospital and join me and other brothers and sisters in Christ to worship at church and together we shall celebrate Mother's Day.
               Sister Ah Moi was always grateful to see me around and every time, she will hold my hands tide. She can barely move or to turn her body from side to side, she had to depend on the nurses' helps. If I am around I will help her to sit up or change position. I love to sing songs for her and see her cheerful smile and I will share the stories of Jesus from the Bible. Despise of her condition, sister Ah Moi is always smiling on her face. One Friday evening, when I finished my work, I went straight to hospital to visit Ah Moi. She revealed to me that she has been fasting and not even allow to drink any water. I was more concern about her body condition that evening because the doctor has arranged her for another operation. 2 hours passed by, nothing is happening, and the day is getting dark. Quickly I searched for the nurse and nudge them to check what is the condition. I was told, we needed to wait for another 1/2 hour more.
               At around 7- 8 pm, I saw two nurses came and change her clothing. And I was the only one with her at that moment, Sister Ah moi was holding my hands and I told her that I will be beside her because I know she is uncertain about the operation. After obtain the permission for the staff, together I helped the nurses to transfer Ah Moi from her room to the upper floor (operation hall ). As I reach outside the theater, the air-condition was so cold, and the room light was dim. As the time is getting very late, I told Ah Moi that I will  see her go inside the theater and I promised her that  I will come and visit her again on the following day.
                 Next morning, Ah Moi told me nothing was being done because when she was still waiting in the operation theater, another patient was on emergency aids and the Hospital U.K.M. has decided to treat that particular patient and postpone her case to another day. I was furious with the hospital staffs after hearing all the unreasonable excuses, how could they impose fasting to such a weak vessel ( A 77 years old lady ) for 24 hours without food and drink and cancel all the operation arrangement in the last hour !!!  Sister Ah Moi's body was too weak for those treatments, I was so heart ache, sad and helpless to see her suffer unnecessary. I really hope I could do somethings... And now because she was fail to be treated last night, she has to go through everything again in the following appointed time. sighed ~!!!

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