Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visitation to Heaven ( I )

Visitation to Heaven (探訪天堂)Visitation to Heaven have 5 parts }
Part I ~  " Hospital ministry醫院事工 "

           On the early year 2004, during my vary 1st time visit to hospital to God's ministry. I remember clearly.... after applying for 1/2 day leave I left my working at the noon time. I took a taxi from K.L and reached hospital about 1pm. A prayer warriors team of 10 members from Methodist Church Cheras, and myself from All Saints Angelican Church Cheras were gather together at the dining hall of Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia ( H.U.K.M.) The group leader brief us what we need to do and then group us into two. Separately we took different corner and different floors to minister to patients from different wards. An hour later, all of us shall be coming back to the same dinning halls and submit our report of the numbers of people got saved, ready for baptism,  seeds being waters etc. We were there faitfully every Monday and Friday for those who are serving this ministry full-time.

 I was being told to join in with 3 other sisters in Christ in one group to department of Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics. There were almost 50 - 80 patients to be covered. from 4 people in a group, we break into 2 and an elder sister ( about 65 years or more ) was leading me. She demostrated to me how to reach out for those people, how to start a conversation, how to help those who are in pain by massaging their legs, hands and body gently. And we stayed the most 10 - 15 minutes per bed if we are leading the soul to Chirst, quite numbers of them are Muslims, so we just pass them by and showing kindness by greeting them or help in massagging their body to release the body pains, sometimes we need to call the nurses or doctors for them if there was any emergency.
            I was full with joy when I chatting with those patients, I loved singing to them and telling Jesus's story to cheer them up. There, I learned to pray for them and ask God for miracles' healing.  As I was walking pass a old Chinese woman, I saw her helpless and loneliness. Other patients have visitors came and bring foods to them but this old lady was laying on her bed lonelily. When she saw me walking toward her and wanted to talk to her. She was so happy with her bright smiling face welcoming me. Her lovely smile reminded me of a young small girl who has not worry on her face. I started the conversation by asking her name, her age, what is the reason she was being hospitalised, etc. Gently she told me her name is Yee Ah Moi, she was 77 years old. She has broken her left hip at her home when she fell at the bathroom. I spent time sharing with her about Jesus came to heal the sicks, then I sang a song to her as she was happily clapping her hands. I hold her hand tide and felt a strong relationship has being established alike grandmother with a grandchild. Without further hesitiation, I asked her whether she like to accept Jesus that afternoon, she nodded her head and happily smiling away. Me and my another partner gathered near her bed, I led her for sinner prayer and my heart was full with much joy,  joy that money can never buy. My eldest partner who has months of experience, quickly help me to take down her home address, contact no. Before we left the ward, I gave her a hug and told her that next week we will come back to visit her. 
             When I left the hospital, her smile and her face was always in my mind and I was looking forward to next Monday to come back and visit sister Ah Moi.

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