Sunday, December 24, 2017

A prophetic dream for coming New Year 2018

                                   A prophetic Dream on Christmas Day of year 2017

      This morning before I could wake up . I have a horrible dream. I was asking God was the dream given by Him and seem like Jesus is giving an insight of those who miss the rapture, a world without Jesus Christ, a world is going to be reign by Satan for 1000 year on earth ( heaven only one day )..... I feel like crying for the unsaved souls, but I do not have tears..... It will be a life beyond "pain & suffering " , daily you will face the mental torture seeing your loves one suffer or you yourself are one of those victim being torture 😭😭😭, every human being must be gone through a horrible test willing or unwillingly before imprinted with mark of " 666 "!!!! Devils are there to destroy the beauty of earth, families and couples ! Eg. Husbands will beg for mercy for their wives ( just newly wedded ) for not going through those tests because chances of them become mental disorder are very high 😩😩😩. Humanity is absence, suffering is every where..... Randomly chosen every out of 3 or 4 person one is mentally disorder!!! 😢😢😢

MESSAGES from the above prophetic dream: 

🔊🔊🔊 Do not miss the " Rapture ", I pray that everyone on earth could goto heaven with Jesus Christ, living on earth is equally as bad as in hell, there is no way out and after 2nd coming of Christ our Lord and Savior. All Those Children of God who left behind have to wait 1000 year for Christ to return and reign. To avoid those years of suffering of " mental, physically, emotionally etc", I beg those who does not know Christ our Lord & Saviour, bend your knees NOW and cry out loud to Jesus and invite Him into your heart and be your Saviour today!!! Time is very limited! For this season holidays , Christians reach out for this dying world without the love of Christ, let's start with your family member, loves one, your neighbour etc, sharing gospels about Jesus Christ. May God have more time , more mercy for those stubborn one, they do not know what they are going to suffer 😭😭😭. 

   Please share as the Lord touch your heart to share this message to those your loved. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What work are you doing? 你在做什麼工作?

                             " 你在做什麼工作?WHAT WORK ARE YOU DOING? "
 Are you doing the WORK of the Devils or the WORK OF GOD when you push people down as you lay hand/ hands when you pray?  Let me illustrate.

A bully pushes people down, a Tyrant, a dictator pushed people down. Can you see the picture? Are you doing the WORK of the Devils?

你在做什麼工作??? 當你为他人祷告時,當你把手放在弟兄姊妹们的頭上或肢体上,然后把人给推下去. 你們正在做惡魔的工作嗎?讓我說明一下。


The rider on the horse falls backward 😊💒 ! Genesis 49:17

      Our LORD JESUS is full of love and compassion and allow HOLY SPIRIT TO WORK THROUGH US & allow the Angels of God to work and HE know who need to be slain and sparing who etc. UNLESS, minister ( I AM SPEAKING TO YOU ) try to be GOD!!! LET GOD BE GOD & LET HOLY SPIRIT WORK HAND IN HAND IN YOUR MINISTRT!




Posted by Prophetic ministers : Benjamin & Cassandra Liu.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Taiwan mission on month of June2017

Taiwan mission on month of June & early July 2017

2017 年 六月至七月初的台灣使命

        After my birthday celebration Mid of June this year and meeting with my spiritual son Colin Bolles at South Korea. My husband Prophet Benjamin heard very clear and firmly he assured me that it is the right timing to enter Taiwan ( we heard this calling for more than a year) via Taoyuan international airport from Incheon International Airport, South Korea. I was hesitate to flew in to Taipei because we were having some great time saving souls in South Korea.

As we were checking into the airport of Incheon, decided to catch local Korean flight named " Jeju " air over to Taipei but was being rejected to entering flight due to  flying on one way or some Kind of weather condition?! At that time, our respond to the Lord is only " obey ",like the faith of Peter walked on the water when he see Jesus! 

    As soon as we reached Taoyuan International Airport of Taiwan, I noticed outside weather of airports dark and raining heavily. Out of curiouxity I double checked with local airport staff and I was to be informed that it had been raining 7 days and 7 nights, 24 hours non stop rain till we arrived, " Typhoon" on it way.....
          We both have no solid contacts, my husband has come back for his 1st visit after 60 years. We do not know anyone or ministers well. In the praying mode and constant communion with Father, we decided to change some money to local currency. Finding our way out by taking MRT to Taipei!!!! Fully trusting God for this mission and only FAITH please our Lord and using FAITH in doing His Kingdom's work!!! 

Psalm 138, " I will praise YOU with all my heart......." 
God was with us on this mission trip. As we were coming out from Taipei MRT station, the rain started to stop and sun also coming out....

      陳善語 (Ms. Chan) who is the eldest daughter of pastor from Taipei Canaanland church helped me a lot during this trip. I was severely suffering spiritual attacks, Devils hit me on my throat and lung. I was suffering severe cough and losing my voice too. Despise of all these , we built up a stronger and mighty warriors, ministered to pastors and churches which went astray from the purpose of the Lord and bring them back to the path of God, countless of repentant and interceding for government and nation. Encouraging the youth to raise up to higher level to accept  responsibility for their own church, nation etc.  
     The most important is to pray against the trend of " Homosexual marriage law approved within the nation.   
     As we were flying home after this mission, the " Typoon" has change its direction hitting Xia Meng, China then went to Japan and Hong Kong. I truly thanks God for sparing many life and damages of crashing between trains which He shown me in advance...prophetically. 

To be continued......