Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks for your prayers !

The Lord desire all the Glory  and Honor,
Praise his Holy Name and Give God all the Glory !!! 

From :
Pastor Joseph Senoga Richard to me  ( on Feb 8, 2011 )


Hello Prophetess Cassandra,

Greetings to you, hope you are doing well in the Lord! Amen.

Thanks a lot for all your prayers and support, we managed to finish two crusades, and one conference in the month of January thanks a lot for all your prayers. we do also have two crusades this month of February one is already finished yesterday and another one will be in Namayumba Iganga from 28th-6th March.

We need your prayers, that many may come to Christ, and we need to hire instruments, that is speakers and a projector on this coming Crusade. so keep us always in your prayers for this work.

The kids are now in need of books to get back to school, May God bless you so much! Amen.
So per now we are looking for food. we do buy posh o, rice and beans then charcoal that is what we use to feed them. so keep us always in your prayers in Jesus' mighty name.

In Him

Joseph Senoga Richard.
On 8/3/10, Pastor Joseph Senoga Richard wrote:

Dear Prophetess Cassandra,

Praise be to the name of the Living God for the great work that you are doing in God's kingdom, hope you are all fine and doing well in the Lord! Amen.

Thank you so much for the prayers you made for the recent conference and crusade we had in Fort Portal, it was very powerful, many people came to know the truth, and returned to God in repentance. Thanks a
lot for the prayers, Friend.

We do request you to pray for the up-coming conferences and crusade  for this month which will happen from 24th-30th August, 2010 at Naiwakoke in Eastern part of Uganda and another one from August 31st-4th September 2010 in Busambeku where we have a branch church, so these meeting will boast the churches there, keep us always in your prayers. thanks.

God bless you all! Amen.

In Him
Joseph Senoga Richard.

Posted by Prophetess Cassandra Lai 

Prayers with FAITH moved the mountains

All glory and honour onto the Almighty God for His goodness and mercy endure forever.

Few years ago we prayed and asked the Lord to remove or shift away some factories which were built near a residential area where we used to stayed. The smokes and carbon dioxide  which came out were poluting the air daily......... GOD answered our prayers.

Yesterday as I went home passing by the same place and ... visited my parents who still dwelling in the same area, l saw those factories were all being demolished and flated.


Thank you Lord for hearing and answer our prayers.
By Prophetess Cassandra Lai Fun Tze