Saturday, July 22, 2017

Taiwan mission trip on month of June2017

Taiwan mission trip on month of June 2017

        After my birthday celebration Mid of June this year and meeting with my spiritual son at South Korea. My husband Prophet Benjamin heard very clear and firmly he assured me that it is the right timing to enter Taiwan ( we heard this calling for more than a year) via Taoyuan international airport from Incheon International Airport, South Korea. I was hesitate to flew in to Taipei because we were having some great time saving souls in South Korea.

As we were checking into the airport of Incheon, decided to catch local Korean flight named " Jeju " over to Taipei but was being rejected to entering flight due to  

Friday, September 2, 2016

A reminded of last Quarter year of 2016

         Greetings in the mighty name of our LORD Jesus Christ,

           I have received this message from my beloved husband and God and also an Indian Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj to put on this prophetic website and facebook to warn others before the year of 2016.
Dear beloved body of Christ, as you can see and observe the world is getting darker and darker from year to year. And what is happening in your working place, loved one and surrounding especially the news in the evening, the warning and alarming of Christ 2nd return is getting louder and louder.


          Year 2016 is a year when many have grant a 2nd chance to do God's works which He has a specifically chosen you to be His full time minister, either a pastor, evangelist, prophet/prophetess etc. those who heard His calling many years ago and have been giving God many personal excuses for not responding to His calling. Before this year is over, get your heart right with God and get close to Him in prayers and worship. Deep inside you, you can hear His calling clear, there will not have another chance after this year....... now is month of Sept., just remember you have the last quarter of year to make the best decision in life and Abba Father love you so dearly and  I beg you all to be obedient to Him and do not delay or else you will have to live up a regret for now and for eternal.

Isaiah 以賽亞書 44:2 " Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you from the womb: “I am the Lord, who made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself,..."

Jeremiah耶利米書 1:5 " “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Special reference : A you tube by  Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj 2016

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

SOUND THE ALARM !!!! 发出警报!!!!

Sound the Alarm !!!

  Sound the alarm through the earth and the heavens!
Summon the slumbering world to attend!
Jesus is coming! The hour is impending!
Sound the alarm to earth's uttermost end!


Sound the alarm in the ears of the sinners!
Haste, ere the time of probation be past!
Now is the day of salvation, improve it;
Mercy long lingers, but doom comes at last. 

Sound the alarm to the slumbering Chrisitian!
Are you prepared should the Bridegroom appear,
Oil in your vessels, your lamps trimmed and burning?
Brother, be ready, the Master is near.

 Sound the alarm to the millions that wande
Out in the darkness of heathendom's night!
Tell them the King of all kingdoms is coming;
Tell them of Jesus and send them the light. 

Sound the alarm to the scoffers and world lings!
Long have ye mocked at His grace and His word.
" Look,ye despisers, and wonder, and perish,"
where shall you hide in the day of the Lord? 

~ A poem written by A.B.Simpson 
Shared and posted by Prophetess Cassandra Lai 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time coming for Face to Face " 面對面" 時間來了... ( III )

Time coming for Face to Face " 面對面" 時間來了... ( III )

Shalom to all beloved saints, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Have a blessed morning/ day or afternoon,

Time coming for Face to Face again:

My husband and I are holding HOLY  Fire Revival CONFERENCE (INCLUDING overnights prayer meetings/ imparting SPIRITUAL WARFARE weapons anointing, Holy Dance, etc)  via gospels songs and hymns , worship and praise the Lord in High Praise, save souls and bring them to salvation, baptism in Holy Spirit and FIRE,  for this End time season and visit different churches in different nations. Please send in your invitations 1- 3 months in advance for booking.

 Expenses which required to be covered :

1.) Two fully paid return flight-tickets.
2.) Accommodation  ( Hotel or home stay in ministers' house)
3.) Food and beverages
4.) Transport to and fro from the air-port, transport to travel from church to church.
5.) Etc.

Please provide the date and numbers of day and the name of person in charge and contacts.

Apostolic Prophetic ministers,
gospel singers, artist, pianists, vocalists,

Benjamin and Cassandra Fun Tze Liu

( Note : It is rare to see two eagles flying together high in the same time, now is the time....... )

" 面對面" (III) 時間來了:




請提供日期, 負責和接觸的人的名字。

上帝保佑, 祝福你们,

Apostolic Prophetic ministers,
gospel singers, artist, pianists, vocalists,

Benjamin and Cassandra Fun Tze Liu

Monday, May 2, 2016

Pride ~ Levisthan spirit whose aim is to destroy life


Pride is not an influence. It is a demon spirit trying to destroy the life of the people of God.
" Over all the pride  of the earth, he reigns supreme" ~ Job 4:34
When you study this "Pride" ----- you will notice that we are speaking about Leviathan.
 Leviathan is paralyzing homes, business and ministers ---- { the spirit that govern Malaysia is a Leviathan spirit ~ A Serpent of Pride } this go with U.S.A, Nigeria, etc

Through Pride --- it is stopping the flow of life and bringing stagnancy.

No human being can master the king of pride.
"When roused, he grows ferocious, no one can face him in a fight ...." Job 4:10

 Leviathan means a wreathed animal such as a serpent, a crocodile or a large sea monster.
It speaks about SATAN himself, wreathed with the scales of pride ~ JOB 41:15

When one is anointed, he is rubbed with the very PRESENCE of GOD.
but when one allows pride in his heart ---- he is " rubbed" with the scales of Leviathan.

What are examples of scales of  Leviathan?
* Pride ---> unduly high opinions of one's own qualities or merits.
* Arrogance ---> over-bearance through an exaggerated feeling of one's superiority.
* Contention ---> an assertion made in arguing.
* Boasting ---> speaking of oneself in such a manner to impress others.
* Haughty ---> proud of oneself and looking down on others.
* Witchcraft ---> misuse of spiritual power to control others.
* Manipulation ---> to influence craftily in order to cause others to suit one's purpose.
* Domination ---> to have a commanding OR controlling influence over
* Rebellion ---> refusing allegiance to an established government, open resistance to righteousness authority.
* Stubbornness   ---> not easy to deal with.

Stubbornness leads to rebellion ; Rebellion leads to pride ~ and pride leads to destruction.

SUBMISSION is the path to HUMILITY and humility will cause a DOUBLE PORTION of God's anointing to flow in an individual's life.

FEAR is a companion of PRIDE.
One who is prideful also has fear in his life. One who leans totally upon the Lord is not afraid.

Special note :
The Fire of HOLY SPIRIT is only available to the humble. 
The above passage derived from a book named " The Fire of the HOLY SPIRIT "
WRITTEN BY : Rev. Dr. Thomas Cheng

Sunday, April 10, 2016

" Fraud by & China Eastern Airline "

Crying out for God's justice on 

" Fraud by & China Eastern Airline " 


      I called this a " FRAUD " to set customers up to make silly mistakes and charging customers on the cancellation instead of running a proper airline agent to facilitate customers on buy air tickets to travel. 

Abba Father, I called upon Jesus'name who is righteous and justice to vindicate me in this case. I want a full refund of my air tickets payments, in Jesus's name I prayed, AMEN !!! ​


       阿爸父!!!  呼籲耶穌誰是正義和公正,以維護在這種情況下我希望我的機票支付的全額退款,奉耶穌我禱告,阿門


      I have encounter being cheated by BudgetAir when I was booking two air -flight tickets 23rd March to fly from Kuala Lumpur to South Korea via China Eastern Airline using this agency, after recommended by TripAdviser online. My husband and I were frustrated and forced to cancel the air flight mainly due to some mistakes typed on the name of the tickets. I saw two columns requested to filled in our name.
   The topline : please type in Full name according to passport; and
    2nd line : please type "Surname"according to passport

Hence, I typed my full name which included my surname in the top line, as for the 2nd line I typed in my family / surname. 

 我曾遇到欺騙BudgetAir,當我預訂兩個航空門票3月23日" 中國東方航空公司" 吉隆坡-韓國"飛用這個代理,通過登錄網上推薦之後我丈夫和我感到沮喪,被迫取消空中飛行主要是由於上鍵入的名稱一些錯誤。只見要求填寫我們的名字兩列。 




       Due to having doubt in how much luggage one can carry, I called the Budget Air customer service officer, she spoken to me in English and told me that 23kg each person and 5 kg on hand carry.
Then I called up the China Eastern Airline to double confirm , a lady spoken in Chinese revealed to me that I have typed my surname twice in my flight tickets and asked to called BudgetAlr immediately to rectify the problem. At first, I try to tell the customer service that their booking website is misleading and my tickets name appear twice of the surname which are different from my passport and requested to change the name on the tickets. She refused and insisted that i shall cancel my flights and BudgetAir will fully reimburse back my tickets money and only charging a small admin. fee of $40 ( Prior to this , during booking time online, I have chosen to pay an extra premium fee of $40 which cover FREE cancellation ). I felt tired and confused and I put down the phone. In short time (Around 3:30 pm) I try to call back BudgetAir many time, but no one anwser the phone (Their working hour till 5:30pm which is Monday to Friday) This happened on Friday afternoon 3:30- 4pm.

During evening time, I decided to send an email to inform cancellation.


每人23千克, 手提5公斤。然後我打電話- " 中國東方航空公司" 雙重確認,在中國講一個女人向我透露,我在機票鍵入我的姓兩次,問叫BudgetAir立即糾正問題。起初,我試圖告訴客戶服務,預訂的網站是誤導性的,我的票名出現姓這是從我的護照不同,要求改變對門票的名字兩次。她拒絕了,堅持,我將取消我的航班和BudgetAir將全額報銷回來我的票錢,只收取少量的管理。 $ 40的費用(在此之前,在網上訂票時,我選擇支付$ 40的額外保險費費涵蓋免費取消)。我覺得累了,困惑,我放下電話。在很短的時間(約3:30)我嘗試再打BudgetAir很多時間,但沒有人anwser電話(他們的工作時間,直到下午5:30這是星期一至星期五)這件事發生在週五下午3:30-下午4:00。在傍晚的時候,我決定發送一封電子郵件,告知取消。


But the reply I got as per below :

Dear Sir/Madam,

As per you request we have cancelled your reservation for both the passengers.

As per airline fare rules airline will charge 326 MYR as airline penalty per passenger and BudgetAir Admin fee will 225 MYR Per Passenger.

Note : Refund will process to the same care in 10-12 business weeks.

Kind regards,





根據航空公司的票價規則,航空公司將收取326 MYR客運航空公司罰款,BudgetAir管理225 MYR每名乘客






     Abba Father, I called upon Jesus'name who is righteous and justice to vindicate me in this case. I want a full refund of my air tickets payments, in Jesus's name I prayed, AMEN !!! ​



     Attached are some of the photos taken on the booking website.



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prophecy on New Year Eve 2016 預言在新年前夕2016年

Prophecy on New Year Eve 2016 
( 預言在新年前夕2016年 )

When you (as a minister/servant of God) has accomplished a task or work for our Lord, and you did it well ( you know it deep in your heart ) but someone else ( another minister, body of Christ, husband or wife etc.) try to obtain credit because he or she also accomplished some tasks for the Lord. And try to remember this (very important) there is no need to incurred any unpleasant fight or argument with that person, God see our heart, Amen ?! And the Lord know how to credit and debit your account in heaven, He will add accordingly!
Sometime we felt unfair because in those arguments we did not win, but we spoken a lot of idle words or words that hurt one another. The Lord is not please and He says, " From now on, stop the arguments, let Me do the balancing."

Make peace as we match together into New Year 2016.
Have joy and victory live a life that glorify our Lord's name,
讓和平是我們搭配在一起成為新的一年2016年。 有喜悅和勝利有意義的人生榮耀我們的主的名字,
Apostolic Prophetic minister,
Cassandra Lai

All Glory to God.