Saturday, March 20, 2010



   The day of trusting

          As I was taking my morning run with the dog, the Lord began speaking to me. He called me up the hill, and when he did he told me to leash Bell Dog and let the young dog run free. Bell is 56 years old in human years and Ox is 7 in human years. I normally keep Ox on the leash because he has not completely learned to trust my voice to come when he is called. Bell dog I can shout at the greatest distance and she stops what she is doing and runs immediately to me.

           As I ascended the hill Bell stayed just in front of me and was happy to give away her freedom of choice, Ox was completely ecstatic to be free and to hunt like the big dog inside of him. Ox followed every new scent as excited as if he was on top of the game. He strayed ahead, to the right then left then far ahead. Every so often he would look for Bell, and he would come to her and acknowledge her presence. Then back off on a new scent.

            When I arrived at the top of the hill the Lord said, ” Rich I don’t want you to base your relationship with me on love.” I was stunned, I replied.” Lord I don’t understand.”             The Lord continued,” I don’t want of bunch of stalkers, I want a family that trusts me.” “ I want our relationship to be based on your trust of My love for you.”

              The Lord explained further,” Rich, when someone bases a relationship with anyone on their love of that person, the person becomes a fantasy. The person constantly does things that they think the object of their affections likes or wants.” “ When the person of their focus does something that does not fit the picture they have created out of their desire for that person, they either get mad or lie to themselves about the truth of the actions.”
               I asked the Lord to continue to explain what this means. The Lord spoke,” Rich, many in my church today have made me the object of their love and do not trust me.” “ They stalk my presence, and reject any situation that causes them to trust my love that they will be helped through the event.” “ Because they focus on their love for me, and not trust my love for them, they constantly make up what I am doing in their lives and others. They even prophecy their vain fantasies as though they were focused on me and not their love of me.” “ They read my word focused on their love and not trusting my Holy Spirit to reveal to them what they need for every single moment.” “ This I am bringing to a stop, I must, for my Love commands it.”
            I asked the Lord to go on. The Lord said,” Rich I had you leash Bell to show you how I am bringing this to a stop. I am using the elders to walk close to me and to watch my very moves. The young ones that run after every scent in the wind, will watch the old dog and learn that I can be trusted. They will see that if they give me their freedom, I will give them a relationship. I will walk with them wherever I send them.” “ I desire that all may know my love for them, that none should perish. “ “ I sent back the gift I promised my son Jesus, and this gift is the testimony of them being in my family. It is the signet ring of my kingdom. “ “ With this gift they are to testify to the earth that I am that I am.” “ this gift is my seal upon their foreheads.”

Written by Richly blessed on 3/15/2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anti-corruptions, Malaysians Boleh ( 反腐倡廉,馬來西亞國人~你可以做到 !!! )

sAnti-corruptions, Malaysia Boleh

( 反腐倡廉,馬來西亞國人~你可以做到 !!! )

          Corruption  has been an vital issue for many nations in the world today...... those countries which refuse for reformation and repent from the corruption acts .... in time to come, the nation will soon vanish by its own greed and evils deeds. The corrupt leaders who taking bribes from his people will also receive his punishments on earth and in hell.
              腐敗 ~ 一直是在當今世界許多國家 ......那些拒絕改革和腐敗行為的悔改國家....在時間來,國家將很快被自己的貪婪消失,一個至關重要的問題罪惡的行為。腐敗的領導受賄從他的人誰也將獲得地球上的地獄他的懲罰。

          Look at China today, we have no more emperors' kingdom. If one study further on the history of China, you will find so much of corruptions, sexual immoral , true stories about how the rich oppressing the poor, tons and tons of stories were swept under the carpet. How many civil wars happened during all the Dynasties ??? Hundreds? thousands ? Millions? When a king or the country leader permit corruption, you can see in short term of hundreds years, civil wars took place, the attacks need not be coming from outsiders or other countries. That nation will fight and kill among themselves because of greed, money, power, position, women etc. At time when outsider like France once take over China, they did not need to do much, just by encouraging drugs taking and corruptions among the communities, the whole KINGDOM of China fall and never come back like it used to be.

             TODAY, China learn its lessons, I believe. They are abolishing a lots of corruptions and evil habits (still have some refuse to change). And they are and will growing stronger and stronger each day.
                  Just to name a few of our Asia countries for example : Malaysia and our neighbor countries e.g.  Indonesia, India, Thailand, Pakistan etc countries had been known as " Makan Rasuah ", "Taking bribery", "No money No talk", in politics, in business, in daily activities. Just study how strong the nation is ??? Malaysia ~ my country was once very corrupted and spirit of darkness fill up in politics sectors, thank God for Our Ex-prime minister Ahmad Badawi, and the opposition parties; hence many high ranking officers being caught because of accepting bribes and being sentenced because of taking bribes. I respect a good leader with good courage, who always keep his promises and take responsible to help my country, the people regardless of the racial issue.Those who has suffer cancer disease for long time and the only way out is to stand strong and fight against the cancer growth ( Bribing "Makan Rasuah ").
                  只是僅舉幾例我們亞洲國家例如:馬來西亞和我們的鄰國,例如印尼,印度,泰國,巴基斯坦等國家一直被稱為“ Makan Rasuah”,“受賄”,“沒錢沒談”,在政治,商業,在日常活動。只是研究國家如何強大的是???馬來西亞〜我的國家曾經非常損壞和黑暗的精神,填補了在 政治領域,感謝上帝,我們的前總理巴達維以及反對黨; 被抓是因為受賄而被判刑,由於採取了許多高級軍官賄賂。我尊重勇氣,一個好的領導者,誰總是信守諾言,並採取負責任的幫助我的國家,人們無論誰患上了癌症疾病的很長一段時一天間,唯一的出路種族issue. Th馬來西亞國人強打對癌症生長(賄賂“ Makan Rasuah”)。

              Malaysians Boleh !!! (Malaysians, you can do it )

              It is time to say " NO "  firmly to corruptions and make our nation stronger and healthier each day. I love Malaysia, because Malaysia is my beautiful country, may GOD bless our nation ~ Malaysia.
             現在是時候說 “ 不! ” 每一天堅決腐敗使我們的國家一天,一天更強大,更健康。我愛馬來西亞,因為馬來西亞是我美麗的國家,願上帝保佑我們的國家馬來西亞的〜

In the Bible ,Psalm 14:1-6

The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt,
They have done abominable works, There is none who does good.

The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men,
To see if there are any who understand, who seek God.

They have all turned aside, they have together become corrupt;
There is none who does good, NO, Not one.

Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge.
Who eat up my people as they eat bread, And do not call on the LORD?

There they are in great fear, For God is with the generation of the righteous,
You shame the counsel of the poor, BUT the Lord is his refuge.


      Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah 

~ who is widely known simply as "Tunku" (a princely title in Malaysia) and also called Bapa Kemerdekaan (Father of Independence) or Bapa Malaysia (Father of Malaysia), has declared "Merdeka (Independant), Merdeka, Merdeka" at Stadium of Merdeka 57 years ago.

Malaysia, Tanah Air-Ku yang tercinta ( Malaysia, my beloved land ) I wish you a coming HAPPY and Blessed and Prosperous 58th Birthday and Happy Independent day on coming 31st of  August 2015.
〜誰被廣泛簡稱為“東姑”(在馬來西亞王侯標題),也被稱為BAPA Kemerdekaan(獨立之父)或BAPA馬來西亞(馬來西亞之父),已宣布“默迪卡(獨立),獨立,獨立”的球場默迪卡57年前的。


Monday, March 15, 2010

A call to ARMS -- Spiritual WARFARE

                     As I was reading WARFARE A call to ARMS  Posted by DENNIS O'DANIEL on June 6, 2009 at 5:26pm in The Flow from Following the Father's voice.  The spirit which dwell inside me is compelling me to share with you and others ....
         I was hit by a bad cough one week ago. This cough wake me up every night for almost every hour or two. I could hardly get a good rest at night. A day before I have this sickness, we both were practicing our vocal training, aiming for higher voice , higher praise ... And I was so happy that I got a breakthrough on this. I was sharing with some people on the internet.The next day, trouble start purging ..... I cough terribly at night before We could off our light and go to sleep. It came so sudden, my husband Benjamin sensed that things are not going quite well and he started to pray for me... And he recognize that this is a Spiritual Warfare. The Lord is giving both something new gift to hit them badly in the spirit but the devils definitely do not like it. He came to steal and destroy and he even tempted to kill me with the bad cough. For past few days, my husband, Benjamin spent much time in prayer for my healing. Whenever he sensed and identified the spirits, he will praise and worship and start to rebuke and cast the spirit out. He said, "In the spiritual realm you are completely heal, but what is left is your physical healing."           

           I still coughing day and night. And one morning, Benjamin sensed that an attack was coming from my 1st uncle who was one of the mastermind who has work together with other uncles to evict both of us out of House of Glory.( refer to my eagle blog :- After identify  the source of this spirit and rebuke and cast it into lake of fire, my cough start to recover. They were also some Christians in the churches who are envy and jealous over the gifts which God has given to his ministers and some who even start praying some witchcraft prayers according to their churches needs or personally needs instead of focusing on what the LORD intent to do during this end time period in the churches. We encounter this issue in one of our local church. We pray against the witchcraft prayer and God to shut down that church if necessarily. My body was weak during this period of time but it help me to more sensitive to spiritual realm and surrounding by resting and spending some quality time with the LORD.
                Last night, I went to bed early while my husband still awake playing chess. AS soon as I closed my eyes, I started to cough terrible again. So I went to kitchen and took some cough medicine which we bought from the pharmacy in the evening but it became worst. As I went back to bed and closed my eyes, I saw a snake's head right in front of me. I took the spiritual sword anointing which given to me a few years ago by Bro. Thomas, I start to slay the enemy. The snake did not disappear but turning to 3 heads and continue to attack me. I continue to smash it with the "SWORD" without ceasing and cast the evil spirit back to hell fire. I know I have used my full strength. When The LORD mentioned "Rise and bind the enemy - be aggressive- be violent in your prayers ! Become skillful in your weapons of warfare - the Blood, the Name, the Word ! etc ... He mentioned and mean this very seriously !!!  I saw the snake body broken to many pieces and turn to dust before my eyes. It then went disappearing. Later, I heard the LORD said, " Take some Royal Jelly for your throat" I obeyed. And last night I slept through the night till 4 am. Praise the LORD.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God wants HIS mighty Hand to move

God wants HIS mighty Hand to move

          I am not trying to stroke anyone's ego or make it sound like one person is better than the other. I am not even trying to promote pride as some might misinterpret these messages.... God is crying out for order and many is crying out against it....God is saying stop trying to see as YOUR PASTOR and speak like a PROPHET if you are not called into this position...Stop turning the church from following TRUE LEADERS...

God wants HIS mighty Hand to move in order for that we have to submit under it....

           It is not about who is better it is about who is chosen to LEAD.... We need the LEADERS to take frontline and lead unless the House will stay out of order...Leaders have to rise in God's TRUE GIVEN authority and speak the MIND of God...God wants His mighty hand to move and lead...

            Without the mind of God being displayed we will walk as our own and in our own thoughts of what is right and wrong...We have to really grasp that we are created to do more than praise God we are here to GIVE HIM GLORY AND HONOR.... He gets the Glory out of our submissions and obedience. He gets the HONOR when GOD is glorified when we recognize whom HE have chosen and carry out the instructions through them...

            WHY is God having me to CRY THIS OUT...He is so ready to pour His power into the HOUSE...God wants HIS GLORY to come in and fill it so that no one can be seen...This will only happen when the Body line up and allow WHOM God chose to lead actually lead...

               Hebrews 13:17  " Obey your spiritual leaders and submit to them [continually recognizing their authority over you], for they are constantly keeping watch over your souls {and} guarding your spiritual welfare, as men who will have to render an account [of their trust]. [Do your part to] let them do this with gladness and not with sighing {and} groaning, for that would not be profitable to you [either]."

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Decree

The Decree

               The was a King that ruled in a wonderful kingdom, he ruled his subjects with balance and wisdom. This King was known for his grace as well as his mercy, he had never lost a war not even a battle.

               Many years had past since his last war, and all his enemies were subdued. The subjects of his kingdom had grown wealthy, and complaisant. All his subjects were glad that they had been born into his kingdom, thought they would admit to anyone that they took it for granted most of the time.

                A great famine came upon this kingdom, and no rain fell for three years. The great men of this kingdom came to the King with their complaints. Lord Greedsen was Lord over all the King’s banks he was first to speak,” Great and Noble King , May God bless you and keep your throne secure. I must come and tell you that your bank coffers are nearly empty. All the food and services you have provided the subjects of your kingdom with, has emptied your treasure house. Only what you have in your castle is left. May God restore to you your wealth, but I must know what you would have me due.” The great King nodded and looked at the next Lord waiting.

               Lord Glutous began with his eyes at the floor. “ Great King may God bless you and keep you always. I must inform you that your food store houses are almost empty, what you have given away to the kingdom and what the pests have destroyed, has emptied your warehouse. Only what you have in your castle kitchen is left. I need to know what you would have me do.”

               The next Lord seeing the eye of the King stepped forward and bowed on his face, Lord Worrison began his speech, “ May this happen only to your enemies Great King, May God keep you and bless you. There is no work in the Kingdom save the palace, all the businesses have laid off and are closing their doors. I must inform you that unless you tell me what to do, there will be riots in the street. Your soldiers are in the streets demanding that they be taken care of. Tell me great King what should I do?”

                The Great King arose and stated,” Clear this room, I must think.” When the room had been cleared the great King fell on his face before the cross over his throne. His weeping could be heard outside the great walls. Forgive me o Great God for not ruling with justice and by your word alone. If I am to remain King, tell me what to do. Be done unto your servant as you wish.” The king was on his face for hours, until dawn the next day. When he arose, he called to the court and said,” Assemble the court.”

                There was much noise in the great court room, it was a long room with the King’s throne upon the far end raised above all the room. The trumpets sounded, and a great shout went out, “Long live the King!!!!”

                  The room fell silent and the King entered, all heads bowed every knee bowed. With majesty the great King walked unto his throne and turned around to face the court.

                 The King began,” My throne has always been upheld by the one God who upholds all thrones. The God that created all created my throne and the kingdom it stands on. Glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ. This very Jesus has given me council on what to do. This I decree, Tomorrow every subject will bring all that he has into the castle. All that is gathered will be placed together. Each subject will then received what he is due. So be it.”

                 The throne room was quiet, no shout went up, in stunned silence the murmuring started slowly. The merchants as they left with heads bowed, complained to one another that they had not worked so hard for their wares to have them given away by a King that did not buy them. The bakers and cooks complained that the food they saved was for their families only, not for beggars in the streets. The bankers were outraged that the King would think that he should take their profit from sound principles and give to those who should have been more like the ant than the grass hopper. The poor in the street when they heard the decree worried that they had nothing to bring.

                 The dawn broke clear and cold, no greater sunrise had ever been seen. Slowly the great gates on the palace were opened and guards move out and took their places. When the trumpets sounded the King took his throne and had them bring each subject one at a time into the court. Each subject then was led out the back of the court and instructed not to speak to anyone that had not been in the court room.

                 The first in line were those that had nothing, one little boy when he came forward said,” oh Great King I have obeyed your command, this shirt and my shoes are all I have.” The King smiled and said,” you have spoken truth, come receive new shoes, milk and honey and a place in my kitchen to earn your keep.” Even the guards did not understand The Decree

               What the kingdom did not understand was that this wise King had many rooms in his castle that no one had ever seen, and these rooms had been revealed to him by Jesus the night before. They had been sealed by his father for such a time as this. These rooms had more than a thousand kingdoms could contain.

              For the ones that brought out of what they thought they could share, that is all they got back. For those that brought all of it, they received what they could not imagine.

The end.

Written by Rich Ingles
on 5th of March 2010