Monday, March 15, 2010

A call to ARMS -- Spiritual WARFARE

                     As I was reading WARFARE A call to ARMS  Posted by DENNIS O'DANIEL on June 6, 2009 at 5:26pm in The Flow from Following the Father's voice.  The spirit which dwell inside me is compelling me to share with you and others ....
         I was hit by a bad cough one week ago. This cough wake me up every night for almost every hour or two. I could hardly get a good rest at night. A day before I have this sickness, we both were practicing our vocal training, aiming for higher voice , higher praise ... And I was so happy that I got a breakthrough on this. I was sharing with some people on the internet.The next day, trouble start purging ..... I cough terribly at night before We could off our light and go to sleep. It came so sudden, my husband Benjamin sensed that things are not going quite well and he started to pray for me... And he recognize that this is a Spiritual Warfare. The Lord is giving both something new gift to hit them badly in the spirit but the devils definitely do not like it. He came to steal and destroy and he even tempted to kill me with the bad cough. For past few days, my husband, Benjamin spent much time in prayer for my healing. Whenever he sensed and identified the spirits, he will praise and worship and start to rebuke and cast the spirit out. He said, "In the spiritual realm you are completely heal, but what is left is your physical healing."           

           I still coughing day and night. And one morning, Benjamin sensed that an attack was coming from my 1st uncle who was one of the mastermind who has work together with other uncles to evict both of us out of House of Glory.( refer to my eagle blog :- After identify  the source of this spirit and rebuke and cast it into lake of fire, my cough start to recover. They were also some Christians in the churches who are envy and jealous over the gifts which God has given to his ministers and some who even start praying some witchcraft prayers according to their churches needs or personally needs instead of focusing on what the LORD intent to do during this end time period in the churches. We encounter this issue in one of our local church. We pray against the witchcraft prayer and God to shut down that church if necessarily. My body was weak during this period of time but it help me to more sensitive to spiritual realm and surrounding by resting and spending some quality time with the LORD.
                Last night, I went to bed early while my husband still awake playing chess. AS soon as I closed my eyes, I started to cough terrible again. So I went to kitchen and took some cough medicine which we bought from the pharmacy in the evening but it became worst. As I went back to bed and closed my eyes, I saw a snake's head right in front of me. I took the spiritual sword anointing which given to me a few years ago by Bro. Thomas, I start to slay the enemy. The snake did not disappear but turning to 3 heads and continue to attack me. I continue to smash it with the "SWORD" without ceasing and cast the evil spirit back to hell fire. I know I have used my full strength. When The LORD mentioned "Rise and bind the enemy - be aggressive- be violent in your prayers ! Become skillful in your weapons of warfare - the Blood, the Name, the Word ! etc ... He mentioned and mean this very seriously !!!  I saw the snake body broken to many pieces and turn to dust before my eyes. It then went disappearing. Later, I heard the LORD said, " Take some Royal Jelly for your throat" I obeyed. And last night I slept through the night till 4 am. Praise the LORD.

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  1. Thanks so very much in sharing this. It is time to wage war effectively and fight the enemy.Thanks for reading the article I posted.
    Be blessed and let us as soldiers go forth and continue to break the enemies power in the lives of others.
    > Dennis O'Daniel