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Visitation to Heaven ( III )

(Visitation to Heaven ~ Part III )    
             Water baptism took place in the hospital 

                 Since the last operation, 77 years old, sister Yee Ah Moi's condition never get better. The days where she spent in ICU has almost reach 2 months. Sometime near end of April 2004, I was together with a group of sisters to do visiting at the same floor where sister Ah Moi located. One of the senior, a brother in Christ who has been around in this hospital ministry for few years saw the condition of her ( sister Ah Moi was wearing oxygen mask at that moment). He urged me to speak to sister Ah Moi and the family members to arrange for her water baptism. Sister Ah Moi gave her consent by nodding her head though she can not speak and I quickly arrange with her daughters about her mum's desire to be baptized. A pastor from Methodist church Setapak came and conduct the water baptism in the hospital wards. There were more than 20 family members present for the ceremony, one of her brother and nephew flew back from Hong Kong. Sister Yee Ah Moi were surrounded by her 3 married daughters and grandchildren. Due to the room where she was staying was too small to accommodate so many people, we obtained the co-operation from the management to shift her to the main hall for just few hours.

              Though this sister  has accepted Christ for almost 3 months but the some of the family members still refuse to accept the truth. When Jesus was being baptized by John the baptist  at River of Jordan, referring to scripture Matthew 3:13-17. 3:16" .... the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him."  3:17" And a voice from heaven said. "This is my Son whom I love; with Him I am well pleased". This is showing how important for believers of Christ to be boldly take the step of faith and be baptized. Baptism is not merely a ceremony but to declare one's faith to the world that they are now the children of God. 
            If a man and a woman falls in love and they decided to build a live together, if they conduct a wedding ceremony mainly is to declared their stand and their love for each others to the world especially to family and relatives that both of them will be committed to one another till death. If this step of obedient was omitted, both of them will be living in sins and committing fornication. The rewards of this sin, both souls will be dwell in hell for eternal.  
         After the baptism ceremony, pastor from the Methodist church raise the issue of funeral service, 1/2 of the family members still insist that in future sister Ah Moi will be using the tradition idol worship method because they have pre-arrangement done. But pastor and I disagreed and we insist shall ask sister Ah Moi personally about this matter. In the present of all the family members I hold sister Ah Moi's hands and wanted to respect her decision, for two to  three times I have asked her, she answered me by nodding her head. Even though at time her physical condition was weak but her inner soul was so determined. I was touch by her determination. At the end all the members have agreed to respect Ah Moi's decision and changed to Christian service and pastor has gave his words that he will be there to conduct the funeral if needed. No matter , what her condition was, I still hold the hope that Jesus is our healer and he will heal Ah Moi and bring her out of the hospital one day. 
               I  did not went back to see Ah Moi for two weeks. The angel of God led me to another sister in Christ who was suffering diabetic and also diagnosed as Vaginal Cancer patient. This sister from Emmanuel Anglican church at Cheras was being hospitalized because the doctor wanted to transfer better blood cells into her body. She was being refused for operation because of her diabetic condition. I saw her moving on her wheelchair, sharing the gospels to other non-believers most of the time except when she was resting on the hospital bed. Her courage has touched and melted my heart ... I felt  like crying for her every time during my prayer, my own devotion time with God. I asked Jesus to heal her from vaginal cancer and restored back her amputated leg. ( The doctor has cut it off when she met in a car accident. ) I spent 3 days in General hospital with her, we hold hands together and sang praise and worship songs, I read the bible scriptures to her. In front of her, I felt myself so tiny small .... despite of her body condition, she was cheerful and happy whereas other cancer patients was making noises , complaining and depress.
                   On the final day,on a late evening, before she obtain permission to go back home THIS SISTER passed me a piece of paper written in Chinese lyrics. she requested me to copy down in a new sheet of plain paper. She said to me, " sister Fun Tze, you are anointed in praise, worship and music."  She encouraged me to go home and asked God to give me a piece of music and new song. I told her, I will try.  That night, I felt sick and after dinner and drank much water, I decided to go to bed early at 9pm. As usual, I was awake at 3a.m., (one hour earlier than my normal devotion time.)
Special note : " Visitation to Heaven " have 5 parts ( I,II,III,IV& V )

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