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Beautiful walk in Faith with LORD ( II )

Evening of 5th of May (Friday night), we departed from K.L to Penang Island by midnight coach. The journey took 4 1/2 hours and we safely arrived at Express bus station at 4:30a.m. by faith. No one there to meet us. It is too early to contact Pastors that we know and we were waited at the Express bus station till dawn. I was anxious because prior to departing from K.L. we failed to reach Pastor Ter of Shalom Baptist Church of Penang and we just lead by the spirit and trusted that the LORD will be using us to impact or transform the spiritual realm of Penang Island.

Both of us made a few calls to Shalom Baptist church and a few local pastors who both of us know. We were praying in tongue the whole morning and Benjamin kept calming me down by saying that the LORD will send people to reach us as I have less faith in the beginning walk in ministering. I tend to put blame on him a lot, things like we shall have arrange with Pastor Teh before we depart,etc. And I was hearing LORD said I shall be preaching on coming Sunday. Benjamin then said the LORD will arrange someone from Shalom Baptist church to meet us at bus stop. At that point, I taught it might happened but in the same time devil also saying he is out of his mind.

1st wave of blessings ---> At around 8:30a.m. I saw a lady with very familiar face...... Yes !!! Indeed she is the eldest daughter Ter Mei Nah of Pastor Ter. In order to make sure I am meeting the right person, I quickly approached this young lady and reconfirming her identity. She admitted was there waiting for her friend from Singapore who supposed to arrived in the same morning too, Praise the LORD! God is good , He has spoken to Benjamin even before we have the divine appointment with Mei Nah.

Both of us were invited for breakfast by Mei Nah at a local restaurant. Things turned out very pleasant, it was wonderful to meet up with her after 2-3 years since we last met at Bible Baptist Church Kuala Lumpur. As we were waiting for the breakfast to be served, Chooi Mee who is a very faithful church administrator of the Shalom Baptist church at Penang island came by and lead us to the church right after breakfast. During breakfast time, we were sharing about GOD has called us for this trip and we have came to Penang by faith which our finance only enough for us to go for one way journey and we trust the LORD will provide our stay and journey home.

And we were being informed that Pastor Ter and his wife Jessie have both left to Shanghai, China and will only be back after 19th of May. then I started to understand the reason why his hand phone could not be reached. We visited Shalom Baptist church and also pray for Chooi Mee. As the Lord started to bless us with some finance from church brethren before we even proceed to Ferringi Beach Hotel at Teluk Pahang, Penang Island. By the grace of GOD, we managed to find the hotel after changing 2 buses. It is indeed a very beautiful hotel where we both felt so much at home. After lunch, we went to swimming pool to enjoy our swim and later follow by a beach walk. Thanks to our good LORD for the wonderful time.


2nd wave of blessings ---> Around 9pm. I asked my beloved husband Benjamin, "What is our program for tonight?" He just answered," I heard the LORD said we shall go down near the pool,you could go for swim or even singing around the pool." Well, I was having doubt as I understood that swimming pool for hotels normal closed off after 9pm. But as this is the direction from the LORD , I would have to learn to obey.

We both reached the pool around 9:30pm. I do enjoy swimming very much, with no hesitation, after changing into swimming suit, I jumped right into the water. It was cool and nice and I was the only one occupying the whole pool, Woooo!! what a blessing!!! While I was swimming and singing, I had noticed that hotel guard is walking toward the pool and stopped in front of my darling and spend more than 15min. chatting with him. When he left, two other small children joined me for water sport who were safely accompanied by their parents.

Meanwhile on the shore, my darling also started to sing. When he finished singing, our music have draw a chef from the restaurant who was clapping over his songs and praises toward our LORD, and two ladies who were sitting near the pool side also enjoy our singing, and they also gave their applause for us!!!

Soon our singing attracted a crowd of people to lobby of the hotel and they were viewing out from the balcony and one of the Medical specialist from Italy came down and sat beside the pool and listen to Benjamin as he was singing a Italian famous song. All Glory to Him again, we received applause from the both ladies Ms. Annette(South Africa) and Ms. Tahnia (Australia) and Dr. Muller (Italian). And we were told to meet them again for breakfast at the restaurant the next morning.

Truly, we were having such a lovely night at Feringgi Beach hotel. I told my darling to pray and ask GOD to extend another night and I truly would love to stay for one month if I could, unfortunately we only have one night complementary room stay for this trip.

Next morning was a raining day, no respond from the LORD. I really felt sad to left this wonderful place, Benjamin and I turn out for the breakfast with the two ladies, we also shared the same table together but Dr. Muller was having breakfast with his wife separately. We ministered to Annette and she was touched. She gave me a wonderful black skirt for a present and also a token of appreciation. The rain stopped after breakfast and our singing again caught the attention of two old couple from United Kingdom. The wife was praising me and clapping hand as soon as I finished singing the song to my sweetheart, named " You raise me up".

As I walked toward the food stalk to get some juice, the English woman introducing herself as Sheila and her husband Kent to me and apparently they were both came from south U.K. to Penang island for a two months holidays. She has complemented that I am have a good voice and enjoying our singing throughout the breakfast time. In exchanged, we were telling her about our Cancer mission trip and our visions and working as full time ministering to people in serving our the LORD.


3rd waves of blessings -----> After 12 noon as both of us were bringing out our languages to the hotel lobby and get ready to check-out. The Lord has once again reminded us that we need to visit 7th Adventist Hospital before we depart. As we were waiting for the shuttle bus from Hotel to city for next two hours, we decided to have a walk along the Ferringgi beach and soak my legs into salt water, while my darling choose to play with his harmonica.

Suddenly, a Malay young man caught my attention. He was standing on top of a stone and i was moved by his courage of stand at the stone above the wave and throwing down his net to water and with a white plain T-shirt, he looked more like an angel to me at that moment. As I watch him catching the fish with his net, one time, two time, three time, all were empty net. I was move with his passion and started to pray for his harvest. I asked the LORD to bless him with four fish in the first time.

Seconds later, I saw him swimming back to shore and I was certain that he must have caught some fish then. He was smiling at me when he saw me clapping hands with joys. And I asked him a question in Malay language as he walking toward me, "Ada berapa ekor ikan?"(How many fish did you caught?) He answered, "Empat"(Four). Praise the LORD, that was precisely my prayer for him. I really thank GOD for answering prayer for this young man. Then, I encouraged him and said "Kali ini, kamu pergi akan dapat lapan ikan, dan saya akan berdoa untuk kamu."( This time, you shall caught 8 fish and I will be praying for you.)
Again , I spoken to him in Malay. He smile and asked his girl friends to take care of those fishes which he has just caught. I saw him throwing out his net toward the ocean as he stand on the same rock. My darling heard my calling, as he walked toward me, the Malay man have his second harvest and out of curiosity I asked him how many have he caught? He answer in Malay, "Lapan ikan."(Eight fish) Once again, my heart cry out for God in joys. I felt so blessed when I saw him have fishes that afternoon. And the 3rd time when he is about to swam to the ocean, his girl friend said. "Abang, kali ini dua belas ekor ikan. (The girl friend asked for One dozen)". I just smile without mentioned how many fishes but I reassured him that I will be praying for him. Now, in a split second, this young man is back to shore again, but he didn't caught 12 fish. Surprisingly, he managed to catch a very big fish which one fish is equal to 10 fishes of those fish he has caught before. And gladly he handed the fish with 2 liter of sea water to me and said, " Ini adalah untuk kamu."(This is for you) I was filled with joy and surprise. But as I was thinking of hospital visitation, my heart started to trouble because it would be very difficult for us to carry a life fish along. But my darling, insisted that we shall accept the fish as a blessing.


4th waves of blessings -----> Benjamin, my darling was carrying the fish alive which still swimming the the sea water to the hotel lobby and asking the staff to cook the fish for us. Thank GOD, one the front desk Malay staff took him to the chef down the same restaurant which we have breakfast that morning. And the verily Chinese chef recognize my darling as he was playing the harmonica too. His name is Chef Chen, apparently he is the Chief Chef in the hotel and gladly he gave favor to my darling and instructed one of his chef to fry the fish for us. God opened doors for us to minister to Chef Chen (Who is also an ex-cancer patient)has help us on cooking the fish and he also has blessed us a lunch in the hotel too. GOD is so good that afternoon. We both took the opportunities to share Christ to him and hold hands and pray for his salvation too. Chef Chen is a very friendly and helpful person and we exchange contact which encouraging him to look for us when his next visit in Kuala Lumpur, so that we are able to host him as our guest.


5th waves if blessings ---> After lunch, we both took a bus heading to 7th Adventist Hospital. As we reach the main entrance of the hospital, we noticed that all the patients, nurses, doctors and the President of the hospital were all gather in the main hall. Apparently, they were celebrating the Nursing day for that Sunday afternoon. As we enter the function hall, we heard the M.C. apologizing that they could not present songs as the singers were not available for their songs and the program need to be shorten due to the circumstances. Promptly, I was encouraged by Holy Spirit to present a song to the audiences. So, as I saw the senior nurse walking toward me, quickly I stopped her and asking her to rearrange the program. And within 5 minutes, both my darling and I were standing on stage and blessing the audiences with "Blessed Assurance". I can felt the joys came from the patients and ourselves. Right after everyone in the hall said grace to the buffet lunch, Benjamin and I were blessed with another lunch on the same afternoon. I remembered HE said " When ye take care of my kingdom, I will take care of your needs." Amen.

We were giving the chances to speak to the president about our mission. And we also went to different floors to pray for the sicks. And we met with an Indonesia sister in Christ who is suffering cancer and she was accompanied by her own father. She was touch when we pray and passed her a copy of my daily bread devotion booklet.


6th waves of blessings --- > After dinner and by the time we reach Batu Ferringgi Hotel lobby again, it was already 9:30pm. I have faith that my GOD will not fail me. So,by faith I told my darling that we need to stay one more night as the night already began. when we check on the price of one night, we understand that we do not have enough to pay the room. So, we started to call all the friends who we meet last night and this morning. But all of them were not in their room. With disappointment, we sat back to the lobby lounge and start to pray to our father in heaven. And we were praying in tongue for 10min. until the idea of calling Chef Chen of the restaurant come to mind. As I told darling about this thought , he agreed that we shall find Chef Chen too. As he walk in to the lobby, he went direct to check on the hotel occupancy for that night. Even before I voiced out our problems and request, Chef Chen already go to the cashier and requested her to get an empty room for us, Praise the LORD. A favor from man and from our almighty GOD. As God is pleased with us, he will grant our request, amen. WE were both bless with the 2nd night stay in Penang Island. Hallelujah.

On 13th of May 2006 morning, we don't have enough for breakfast in the hotel, so we decided to skip breakfast and take a good buffet lunch, it was another blessed complementary lunch voucher for both guests. That morning, GOD has arranged a divine appointment for us to met with a back-slide brother in Christ whose named is David. Apparently he is also an eye-witness for tsunami at Penang Island on 26th of Dec. 2004.

As David cried and shared about his experience on the tsunami, and how he helped in moving all the dead bodies to the shore, and life saving 3 Indian ladies who were almost drawn. I told my darling to pray for him. As he pray the LORD spoken to David about the parable of the podigon son and asked David to repent and go back to a local church. My darling Benjamin gave away his only red t-shirt to poor David who was wearing a old black united nation t-shirt. He was touch and tear again came into his eyes.That was a truly a very meaningful morning for both of us. As we blessed David we felt so much blessed from the LORD.

At 2pm, we left Batu Ferringgi Penang toward the bus station Komtar to meet with another youth named Ze Han who is studying at University of Saints of Malaysia. We have met on the night coach on the 1st day of this trip. Due to heavy jams, we only manage to catch a evening coach back to K.L. at 7pm. GOD's hand is upon us through out this trip.

7th waves of blessings ---> Our faith increase as we saw how GOD did miracles for trusting His provision. We supposed to reach Puduraya bus station at 11pm but the journey was delay and we finally reached at 12:30am. All buses have ended services at 12 midnight and taking taxi was expensive for us. But as we pray, LORD show us a light. My darling said," let as a favor from a mother with a 3 years old daughter who were waiting for her husband to come to fetch her at the bus stop. And once again, our prayer answered. The father of the child agreed to send us home to our door way and we are safely home by 1am of 14th of May 2006.


GOD is good all the time as we are His precious children, when we asked for fish, our earthly father will not give us a snake.... what would our heavenly father who has even gave His only begottan son to die for us at the cross to bare all our sins away. For those who yet to know our Jesus and saviour, today is the good time to invited Him into your heart and we all are sinner before GOD. As we asked for forgivenss, GOD is mercy and loving to forgive us and GOD is extending his loving hand to welcome you into HIS kingdom now.

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