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Biograpy of Cassandra Lai

Biography Of Cassandra Lai

Birth date : 14th of June 1969 ( One month after May 13 event of Malaysia)

Family information :

Father's name Lai Tin Yun ( Hakka ) married mother Saw May Lan ( Hokkian ) both are Chinese and gave birth a baby girl named Lai Fun Tze, having two more younger sister named Lai Pay Tze and Lai Yuen Tze who grew up in a large family relation. Surrounded by love in a large, extended family of parents, grandparents, 6 aunts and 6 uncles(mum's side) and 6 more uncles from father's side plus many siblings of more than 100.

Lifetime accomplishments :

Love singing, dancing and drawings since young but lost touch after enter to secondary busy schooling life. Learn to play piano during childhood until Form 5. Pursued her tertiary study in Melbourne, Australia. Spent few years in Hollywood,L.A. (USA) working while doing management and organization study.

Cassandra is a self taught artist, drawing portraits of people, animals, plants and flowers. Painting with water colors.

Major events of life :

At age of 29 on year 2000, after accepted Jesus into her life as Lord and savior. Cassandra started to restored back all her talents in music and singing due to falling in love with Jesus through praise and worship. She also started to take part in singing competition organized by All Saints Church, Cheras, Kajang, Malaysia. Beginning to learn vocal by listening to Christian Cd's and cassettes at home. In 2005, met with her husband Benjamin Liu Shy Ping ( a vocal teacher, artist and prophetic minister ) in a home cell group in Ampang. Under a few months of intensive vocal training, Cassandra started to expend her talent in singing and her voice start shooting up to high Soprano. She was singing in World Peace event 2005 at Time Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Cassandra Lai and Benjamin Liu were holding their prophetic marriage on 18th of Jan 2006 at Grace Assembly at Klang. 2 months before their marriage, prophet Chee Hing came to House of Glory prayed and prophesied to them that he saw a vision of two doves were rested in both shoulders. At the Ampang home cell, Pastor Jeremiah Gan from Rawang prophesing to their after seen a vision two ugly ducking turning into beautiful swans.

Both husband and wife were the worship leader and singers. Cassandra was also the dancer on for wedding day ceremony. Among the 3 pastors who were attending the wedding, Pastor Joseph from Klang mentioned that 800 angels were present during the ceremony. Pastor Kum, a former Chinese pastor of Grace Assembly at Klang commented both are a talented couple. 5 different Chinese Newspapers have reported these couple's wedding news during their marriage registration at Hokkian Association Klang.

Cassandra and her husband gave birth to a song Cd named "Gems of Heaven" which consisted of 10 Christian gospel songs. They have both travel throughout whole Malaysia to share gospels and Singapore. Beside singing, the Lord bless them more gifts like conducting music orchestra in churches worship. Cassandra has great desire to sing and raise up the worship spirit through praising and dancing with banner, flags, ribbons, timbrel, keyboard and piano etc. Both couple were involving in Malaysian Nature Society event on Raptor Watch on March, 2009 at Tanjung Tuan. Both were drawing and exhibiting their arts on this 2 days 2 night event, performing in singing and dancing talents at Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson as well as at Ilham Resort Tanjung Tuan, Melaka on Sunday.

End of August 2009, Canssandra and Benjamin were invited to be on stage to perform at Klang Music Festival for one week. Benjamin were playing his harmonica while Cassandra were doing her singing and dancing. In other day, Cassandra were playing the keyboard while her husband, Benjamin were singing along.

Effects/impact on society, historical significance :

Cassandra Lai has been actively involved in hospital ministry as a voluntary church worker in Cancer wards at (Makna) Hospital UKM, Hospital University Malaya, General Hospital, Tung Sing Hospital at Kuala Lumpur, General Hospital at Kajang, 7th Adventist Hospital at Penang and Sri Kota at Klang.

She loves sing songs and tell stories to cheer the patients up, many of them have accepted Jesus as the Lord empowering her through dreams and vision for her ministry. Due to the passion of helping the cancers patients and their families. A company named "Living Hope Resources" was founded by Cassandra on 2004, since then she has travel to Singapore and Beijing, China few times to doing research and study on latest technology of helping the patients to gain recovery. She also was a former children ministry teacher and bible teacher for children under 3 to year of kinder garden. Serving as a Royal Ranger commander at Charis Christian Center at Taman Million Church for two years. Currently Cassandra is serving the Lord with her husband in prophetic and praise & worship ministries. She strongly believe that singing and dancing with cheerful heart and positive attitude can help many sickness to gain recovery because "Music itself can be a Therapy".

Her favorite scriptures from the Bible is IITimothy 1:7 " For the LORD has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" Isaiah 55: 8&9.

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