Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful walk in Faith with LORD ( I )

On 30 of April 2006, both Benjamin and I were invited for the altar call prayer at Renewal Lutheran Church, we decided to respond to Lord's love to go for Pulau Pinang trip. As we submitted our lack of money problems, the departure date and time to LORD's hands on this trip.

Before this trip, I was suddenly suffer terrible gastric pain in middle of night ( We were staying at Klang's home ). I believed my beloved was having bad time at night to sleep as I will be waking him up as I cried for pains and he will sing hymns and pray for me in the same time. These appeared to be more like spiritual attack than physical pains to me. We were fighting over tiny matters for many days and I were torment by suicide spirit.

We usually like to go for hospitals visit wherever the LORD led us. We ministered to patients at Cancer wards in various hospitals such as Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Tung Shin Hospital, University Hospital, Sri Kota Klang hospital, etc. When we ministered to cancers patients, we enjoyed snatching souls from hell to heaven. My husband serve our Lord Jesus as a full-time prophet. Father in Heaven does reveal dreams and vision for our wonderful walk with Him.

As we were led by Holy Spirit and ministered to a sister in Christ named Amy (Colon cancer patient) and Robert (her brother) at Kuala Lumpur Tung Shin hospital, we were praising and worshiping the LORD with songs and hymns. This sister were instantly touch by the Holy Spirit and start crying. Benjamin has recalled that I were having a strange dream just a couple of days of a young half naked women crying out for help early dawn and I wake Benjamin up just to pray and intercede for her. At Amy's ward the Holy Spirit reconfirming with my beloved husband, Amy was the woman in my dream.

As I responded to Jesus's calling on this hospital ministring, with the grace of God, we managed to lead many souls to peaceful healing. Some of them got heal physically and went home to enjoy extended earthly life with their beloved family. But many were heal by the Lord and enjoying a heavenly body which will never suffer pain and sickness eternally in heaven. Praise the LORD, I give God all the Glory.

For our LORD loves us so much that He would never let us go even thought those patients were fighting with devils in the sick bed. Working as full-time ministers, we received rewards in heaven and glory for eternal life. As we walk in faith on earth and fully trusting LORD is our truly provided, Matthew 6:26-34.

As I pray for salvation and healing for people, we learn to sharper our discerning spirit because devils love to attack ministers more than others mainly because we are at the "front line". Proverbs 3:5-6. We faces lack of trusts from patients families, many times we have the understanding that if the patient would let go and learn forgiveness,trusted Jesus fully and be thankful for whatever circumstances they are in, they would be heal faster than they expect for. Families members who lack of understandings can be a great obstacles. These happened on our own family members for example both Benjamin's mum and my parents. For they are concern about our living expenses and needs daily because we are totally not working in the world and receive wages as other working adults but spend much time on praying, worshiping and seeking the LORD. We hope that very in very near future, we will have their understanding and rejoicing with us of being walk in faith with our LORD, amen.


GOD is good all the time as we are His precious children, when we asked for fish, our earthly father will not give us a snake.... what would our heavenly father who has even gave His only begotten son to die for us at the cross to bare all our sins away. For those who yet to know our Jesus and savior, today is the good time to invited Him into your heart and we all are sinner before GOD. As we asked for forgiveness, GOD is mercy and loving to forgive us and GOD is extending his loving hands to welcome you into HIS kingdom now.


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