Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Impact of High Praise worship in the community

Impact of High Praise worship in the community

On the 20th of Dec 2009 morning, as the Lord led my husband and I were joining a local church in Klang named Harvest Assembly Klang for a morning worship.As the worship sang "Power of Your love", my voice started to shoot very high, (I am a high soprano) instantly it turn to High Praise worship. The power of God start hitting me and my right hand started to tremble. It was a wonderful worship that morning. And evening we were invited to join the Chinese congregation to Old folk Home for caroling.

We arrived at the destiny before 5pm which is their dinner time. Everyone (18 in total) were sat at the dinning table. And each one of us were assign with a number which matched with another old man of old woman. And Pastor James Lee told us to serve our "Mum" or "Dad" well that evening... if any complaint from the old people, Pastor will make us accountable, smile.

I was given number 2 and it match with an 92 years old grandpa who is suffering from stroke and he sit at his wheelchair all the time.When I was serving this old man to eat and drink, it reminded me of my grandpa who is 96 years old just passed away less than 1 month ago. I was so grateful to the Lord who allow me once again to have a great time for that evening. "Grandpa" and I were together dinning our meal, we play games together and after meal I also voluntarily to cut off his very long nails.

In the early of that night, I was having some spiritual attacks and I woke up quite a number of times. My husband was praying for me, my whole body was in pain like it was stung . After my husband's fervent prayer, I finally went in to a deep and wonderful sleep. In the spiritual realm I saw myself floated up in the air. I was hang in the sky and looking down to the city where I am staying. I saw a very bright light shinning down from heaven straight into Klang city that night. It was like an atom bomb explosion kind of bright but it was beautiful because very buildings and areas became so much brighter. Whereas outside the city were still full with darkness. When I wake up next morning I share this with my darling and I sense the Lord is showing me the wonderful impact if our heart is for the Lord in High praise and worship. Let us constantly check our heart and put our Lord Jesus 1st in all things in this coming new year, and let us be the bright and beautiful light in our community.
Praise the Lord, For Him deserves all the Glory and honor.

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