Saturday, December 12, 2009

Don't settle for CRUMBS!

Dear Friends,

Tied to every divine vision is an in-dispensable seed of patience.
Divine visions are hard to come by; waiting for the fulfillment is even harder.

Faith is nurtured in patience; vision is nothing without faith!

Satan throws the crumbs in times of fainting faith; God perfects the real stuff.

Ambitious men stop where the crumbs end; men of vision see beyond the crumbs.

Potiphar’s house was Joseph’s satanic crumb; the palace was the true stuff
“Thirteen years was the seed of patience”

Ishmael was Abraham’s satanic crumb; Isaac was the true stuff
“25 years was the seed of patience”

Pharaoh’s palace was Moses’ Satanic crumb: the wilderness was the true stuff.
“80 years was the seed of patience”

Scriptural references abound with astounding unison!

Satanic crumbs are tempting, very tempting!

I know of men of great vision that settled for the crumbs.

But indeed, all the glamor of satanic crumbs can’t equal the grandeur of true fulfillment!

Vision is not a cheap talk, no it can’t be!

At times its tempting to stop, when the journey is about to begin.

“Ye have compassed this mountain for long enough: turn you northward”
Deuteronomy 2: 3.

God bless you,

Written by Victor John Praise on December 5 at 5:51pm

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  1. Brother Victor, Great post, Praise the lord for his wisdom upon you !!! Keep it up.