Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Listening and following His voice

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I love cycling around my neighborhood as a morning exercise, normally before I leave my house, I will pray a prayer and Holy Spirit to guide my way and lead me to wherever He want me to go and to do what is pleasing the Lord....... and I will start padding ...... I have a small old sport bike with a small basket in front which help me to bring back some goods from the morning market.

I have often encounter the directions of God is not for us to reason why. Here are some examples which I like to share above listening to the voice of God which I experience as His child who seek to do His will in my daily life :-

(1) One sunny morning, as I was cycling down hill near by my house, I heard a whispering voice directing me to turn to my left. (My normal routine shall be right direction toward the market) I was reasoning with God why does He want me to turn the opposite direction which will led me further form my destination.

Hence, I waited at the road junction for few minutes and listen again carefully about the right direction , I still hear Him mentioned "Turn to your left."
Again the Lord is tested my faith. For many years of serving the Lord , I start to familiar with His little tiny voice, finally I said, " OK, I will turn to the left." Just 2 meters away, I saw an old Chinese man walking with his walking stick headed toward my direction. He seem like looking for some houses. As I cycled slowly and passing beside. He voiced out and called me to stop. I have to make a "U" turn and came back to him and asked, " Uncle, is there anything I can help you?" (I speak in Mandarin).
The old man was glad to see me turning back, he asked," Young lady, could you help me by pointing to me which is the house with number "56".(Each and every house in my residential address has a unique number in front of it gate). I have walk quite far but my eye sight is not good and I can hardly see the number, please help me." I politely told the old man that the house he is looking for shall be after the road junction which I have just stopped by. It shall be about 5-6 houses away. This uncle thanks me and continue to walk his way. As I started to paddler again, the Lord again directed me with His whispering voice,"Follow him and show the way." Quickly I cycled beside him and letting him know that I will help him to find that house and when I found it, I will be stand outside that house and waited for him. The Chinese old man was very happy.
When he reach the gate of the house 56, I help him to press the door bell and waited with him until the owner came out, apparently his house needed a plumber in an emergency and that owner of that house was once help him on repairing him home before. He showed his grateful by mentioned thanks.

WHAT I really felt and thank God is HE really brighten up my day by leading me to show kindness to a old stranger who has eyes sight problems. I truly enjoy my cycling that whole morning.


(2) Another beautiful morning on early 2007, I was cycling passed a Chinese village and entering a residential shop lots. There is an Indian temple which built one story building lower ground. Usually when my husband and I walked pass the temple in the evening we could see many Hindu will gathered there for prayers and burn offerings.
As I was coming near to the temple the road is going up slope, so I decided to get down and walk. As I was pushing my bicycle I saw two young Indian ladies coming up the stairway and waited at the road side. I sensed the Spirit lead me to open my mouth and speak to these two young ladies. I felt very uneasy inside but the Lord just nudging me, "Speak somethings". So I obeyed and greeted them Good morning, and ask what are they doing there so early in the morning. They told me that they have just finished their morning prayer and waiting for someone to come and fetch them home. Apparently they both are student from nearby nursing college.
I introduced myself and politely obtained their permissions to ask them two questions. They nodded. I asked," There are two types of wonderful people in this world, 1st type --- those who are saved and the second type are those who yet to be saved. So which type are you belong to?" I pause and waited for 30 seconds for the answer. They could not give me any answers. And I proceed with my 2nd question, "If you died today, where do you think you are heading to? Heaven or hell?" These two young ladies looked at me and didn't know how to answer my questions.
One of them told me that her 1st answer is yet to be saved. So I ask whether I could pray for her and I wanted her to follow each sentence of my prayer, and I also ask her friend to do the same thing. And that morning I lead both young ladies to say a sinner prayers and both of them accepted Jesus as their personal savior. I also passed them the small booklets of "10 reasons to believe CHRIST ROSE FROM THE DEAD" & " 10 Reasons to Believe GOD OFFERS THE PERFECT GIFT ", we exchanged our contacts numbers. After that day, one the lady came to my house with her classmate to interview both my husband and I for their project regarding the religions issues in our country" And the same sweet lady came to my Christmas eve , Jesus' birthday party on year 2008, on that night Glory of God came upon our home, all our invited guests which yet to believe Jesus got saved and bring back the greatest gift in their life --- Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen Praise the Lord and all Gory onto Him Alone. I Love you Jesus, May You have a most blessed birthday this year.

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