Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Last night ( 6th Oct. 2009), I decide to sleep early after came back dinner and shopping with my mum-in-law together with my husband. I was not able to close my eyes till 1 and 1/2 hour later. And I was in a very strange dream. I dream about a group of my old friends and we are going outing at the beach side. I arrived at the beach in the late afternoon. One of my friend told me that my sister Hazel was with them after midnight. The way they have describe her so she is weird because no one see her during daytime ,but soon after midnight at 2 a.m. They find her sleeping with them. I really don't know what the dream trying to tell me. (Note: my sister Hazel, who was one who love Lord Jesus very much, she lead me to church and constantly praying for me when I yet a believer). She has now backslides and never go to church, she has 4 young children, I am praying for her to came back to Christ.
Back to the dream .......... as soon as one of my friend mentioned about my sister, I saw myself walking on the street near a field and I saw many Chinese people burning paper money and incense to other spirits. And suddenly, I saw a spirit in white. looks like a man walking in the opposite direction from far toward me and he goes to and fro many times, passing by me. And in a sudden this spirit just grab hold of another soul and I saw the soul was struggling but he was helpless and being drag alone with him and both disappearing .....
When I wake up it was 12:30 am after midnight. My husband just started brushing his teeth and getting ready to bed, I could not sleep so I spend lot time to pray for devils to go back to hell where they are truly belongs. I used the spiritual sword and words of God to pray for long time before I am able to go back to sleep again.


          Today is 7th of Oct. 2009. I would like add on with I have shared on 6th of Oct. midnight. This morning when I woke up from bed, I heard noises came from my neighborhood direction, seem like they are having funeral services ( in the Chinese traditional way, funeral services normally being conducted with music being play with trumpets and drums). I was frighten because I remember the dream I have one day before.
           Soon after breakfast, around 10 a.m. I decided to cycle downhill from my home and soon I reach an open field ( that was the same vision which I told my husband last night ). The Lord have allowed me to see in spiritual realm last night and this morning I obtained confirmation by seeing it myself in the physical realm. I saw two families are conducting the funeral services just like what happened two souls/spirits were lost. Some of you might say, "Oh this is very common, people are dying daily, every minutes, every seconds because due to growing old, sickness, accidents, catastrophe etc.

           But my spirit is trouble, deep inside me is crying out what happen if the person who is passing away is one of our loved one who yet to accept Jesus Christ, what are you going to do about it? Almighty God is powerful, we can not stop what He is doing or He is going to do. I knew God wanted me to intercede for the lost souls, there are many Chinese temples ( more than 23 ) in the area when I am staying now. One of them which is close to my housing area is worshiping Lucifer and devils. People only will go there at night to ask for blessings for money increase, business prosper. The non believers here are aware of the existence of evils, but they choose to bow down and bring offering to the evils then our mighty God. Evangelist Johnathan Edward once has preached a very powerful sermon " Sinners in the hand of Angry God ", that is the judgment of hell if the sinners who play with evils and their destiny will also follow Lucifer to hell for eternity.

          For those who yet to know our Lord Jesus, I would like you to pray this prayer with me : "Dear father in heaven, I know I am a sinner and I could not saved myself from going to hell. I truly appreciate what You have done for us by sending your only begotten son JESUS to this world and die for me. I, now open my heart,and sincerely invite Jesus to come into my life and be my savior. Please guide me, Lord Jesus, in each and every days for my new life which you have redeemed with your precious blood, I prayed and asked all this in the mighty name of JESUS, Amen."

God Bless you.

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