Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gifts From above

Back in year 2006, date 14th of June. I was celebrating my birthday with my husband. We had our lunch at one of the hotel restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Right after lunch, we decided to pray and seek the Holy Spirit's direction on which places we shall go to celebrate my birthday. As we were on the way out of the restaurant, I heard a small voice telling me go to National Arts Gallery Malaysia which located close to National Library. By faith, we just trust the Lord and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.

        As we arrived at the main entrance of the Arts Gallery, the security guard came out and led us inside and pointed a specific room which we shall entered. He also mentioned to us that all the Malaysian astronauts (about 4-5 of them) had already gathered inside and started their drawing lessons. Some of the reporters were present too. We were instructed by the art teacher to join the class by 1st finding a place to sit. A small group of us were told to draw our own shoe with an upside down position, and then draw the other partner's shoe. This is the only art class I have learn how to draw "contour drawings". I love it!  At the end of the class only a few drawings were chosen and my two arts pieces were being selected as National Arts Gallery 's collection. I was very happy with this surprises. Even though I love drawing but I hardly draw since my primary school.
         My God is so good, He restored my gift from childhood and my drawing since that afternoon. I was request by the art teacher to keep my drawings at the Gallery for future exhibition. I agreed. We both truly have a wonderful time that afternoon and I could never forget how God bless my birthday. And since than I start to draw my pet (Morning shine), my husband by using pencils, pens, water colors etc. I drawed portrays of all kinds of animals, human being, landscape, trees, flowers and buildings, etc.

As soon as my husband know that I am gifted in arts, we started to visit many places like National park, bird park, arts exhibitions etc. I remembered one time, we were inside National Aquarium next to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (K.L.C.C.) looking at some ocean fish. As I walked, I draw. There were many pieces of drawings with different kind of animals and fishes on my hand. As we were entering a tunnel which was build under the water , we could see a lot fishes swimming above us. There was one particular shark had caught my attention, it kept swimming above me, I could see it from a "close up" angle. As I started to pen down the shark, it followed me all through the tunnel. As soon as I have finished drawing, the shark swam away. I know the animals can sense the present of God because He is Almighty and He will guide the right animals to came in your present. We experienced this at the bird park, zoo and many other places too.


How many of you are aware that our Father in Heaven love to give gifts to His beloved children which including talents and blessings. etc ?

Oh ,yes, it was all written in the bible, e.g. John 4:10," If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, 'Give ME a drink,' you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water."  ans James 1:17 stated, "Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow."

If as a parents you love your children, would you give precious gifts for them to keep (of course you must make sure they know how to keep them well in the first place, smile ). If our earthly father know how to do these, what more compare to my Heavenly FATHER? AMEN ?!!

Beside drawing, I was greatly restored in singing and musics, knitting, cooking and many others, smile.Thank you my Precious Lord, Father and Holy Spirit, I give God all the Glory.

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