Friday, October 23, 2009

" My prophetic calling" ~ Calling of Prophet Samuel

My Prophetic Calling "A High Calling of God"

About 4 years ago, 3 pastors from 3 different churches were preaching the same sermon for 3 consecutive weeks. On the 3rd Sunday night, I heard a voice who called my name in the midnight when I was going to sleep, it sound much like my own mother's voice who was soundly slept in her dreamland. But in order to satisfied my curiosity I knocked on mum's door next to my room and I was being scolded for waking her up. And she denied that she has called me and insisted that I should go back to bed.
As I closed my eyes again, the same voice calling me again. I have learn the lesson, this time I dare not wake my mum up again, but I remembered about those sermon which I heard for past 3 weeks. At first I could not understand why all the pastors preaching the same sermon from Old testament, 1 Book Of Samuel. How Prophet Samuel was being wake up from the middle of his sleep and how he answer God's voice, etc.
I started to follow the bible say, "Lord Jesus, I am here. Please speak, I am here to hear". There were the beginning of God's calling into my life, many miracles happened to my life, as spoken by prophet Thomas who sent to Malaysia and spoken to me at Manna House, Kuala Lumpur. Then I met my husband, Benjamin Liu Shy Ping who has called to prophetic ministry for many years.
After 6 months, the LORD spoke to both of us through another prophet name Chee Hing to march into a prophetic marriage on 18th of Jan 2006 ( This date was set by the Lord ). From my husband, from His prayer and supplications, I receive much anointing and learn to listen to God's voice clearer, sharper, bolder to speak fore the words of God to churches and minsters of GOD. WE WALK BY FAITH, not by sight. There were time, we have little money and by faith when we responded to God's will, things start happened and blessing started to pour, I remembered the "one way" ticket to Pulau Pinang. The financial blessing from a rich man called Datuk Tony who was trouble by Holy spirit until he obeyed and came down to Canaan land bookstore and blessed us for the mission trip to Melaka, bags of food and grocery was left at the bus seat for us to pick up. Money dropped from nowhere as we were alking on the streets in town, etc. It is a blessing to walk by faith and trusting God for HE is our provider. Miracles happened and the LORD is our driver, we were the "steering" of his car. I love the walk with our mighty GOD. All Glory unto Him Alone, Amen.

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