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ISRAEL~ MY BELOVED ~ THE FATHER SPEAKS " 以色列〜天父說 :" 我親愛的〜" Part ( II )

" 以色列〜天父說 :" 我親愛的〜"
Part ( II )

       And so, I would speak to you, Israel, O Israel, my beloved --to gird up your loins -- gird up your loins as for war. For you will be as one who lives as in peace but who is always equipped for war. For in the future years the nations shall start to assemble around you as around a prey that is good for food. And even though they talk peace, their hearts are far from peace and there is no truth in them.
       And it is in this time, O Israel, that as the rumors and the sounds of war grow stronger -- that once again you shall come up and inquire of Me -- and the man in the street shall inquire of Me -- and the learned scholars shall come up and inquire of Me -- and even those in the government and in the hidden high places shall once again inquire of Me.
       所以,我想對你說,以色列以色列啊,我親愛的指定你束上腰 -- 你束上腰的戰爭。因為你會為一個誰住在和平,但誰總是配備了戰爭。在未來幾年國家將開始在你身邊組裝圍繞一個獵物是很好的食物。並且,即使他們談論和平,他們的心遠離和平,也沒有道理在其中。

而正是在這個時候,以色列阿,這是謠言和戰爭的聲音變得更加強大 - 這一次,你要來,詢問我 - 那個男人在大街上應當問的我 - 和學學者應拿出,並詢問了我 - 即使是那些在政府隱蔽性高的地方會再次詢問我。

       Oh, and as you inquire of Me, so My heart rejoices, and I shall hear your supplications. And I shall give ear to your  prayer. And so it is that in these coming end days, when the time of the Gentiles is complete, so shall I with My sovereign mighty hand move My arm as the God of Israel, the Holy One once again in your midst. And so it is in this day and in this hour, that as you seek Me -- and as you inquire of Me -- and you seek Me with your heart -- as one nation --you shall see Him that thou pierced. Every eye shall see Him, every ear shall hear Him.
      ,你問的我,所以我的歡喜我會聽到你的懇求。我會為你祈禱肯聽。因此,這是,在這些未來的日子結束時,外邦人的時間完成,所以我應該用我的主權大能的手在你們中間移動我的手臂,以色列的神,聖者一次。因此,這是在這一天,在這個時候,那你求我 - 你問的我 - 你找我有你的心臟 - 作為一個民族-- 必得見他使你刺穿。眾目要看見他,每一個耳朵聽不得他。
     And so it is that a great spirit of mourning and supplication shall sweep through Jerusalem and through Israel as My people gaze on Him whom they pierced. And as my people gaze upon My beloved Son, so shall she rend her garments. For they shall look upon His glorious face, the fairest of ten thousand. And so it is that they will stand amazed: " For He is one of us," they will say. And so indeed, Jesus Himself shall gather them to His bosom. And  finally, Jerusalem shall be comforted in the arms of her Messiah.

The End.
A Visitation of JESUS CHRIST


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ISRAEL~ MY BELOVED ~ THE FATHER SPEAKS " 以色列〜我親愛的〜天父說 " - Part I

" 以色列〜天父說 :" 我親愛的〜"
Part ( I )

              Oh, for surely I tell you, beloved,even now this day, Jerusalem -- that your walls are ever before Me. And even now I would still gather you into My arms as a hen gathers her chicks. But you would not. But still I weep for you, My beloved Israel. For My covenant of love and commitment to you shall never be broken but shall continue from generation to generation. Oh, for was it not you I chose out of all the peoples of the Earth, and yes, I covenanted to you and drew you unto Me, My beloved. For was it not out of you that came My prophets, and was it not out of you that My own beloved, only begotten Son came forth?

             Oh yes, Israel -- and so it was that even as you crucified My Son, still I love you. Even as through the centuries you rejected Me through your blindness, still I loved you. And so it was that even in the midst of the turmoil and grieving of the Holocaust, so My sovereign hand rested upon you. And so it was that i brought you out of the devastation and the abandonment by both enemies and friends until your voice once again as a remnant cried out to Me through the heavens.

              哦,對我肯定告訴你,親愛的,即使是現在這一天,耶路撒冷 - 你的牆壁是永遠在我面前。即使是現在,我仍然聚集你們在我的胳膊好像母雞聚集小雞。但你不會。但我哭的我親愛的以色列。對於我的愛和承諾的約永遠不會被打破,但將繼續代代相傳。哦,對了就不是你我選擇地球,所有人民,是的,我就給你,並提請你問我,我的愛人。對於是不是來了我的先知,並就不是出於你,我自己心愛的,唯一的兒子就出來了

              哦,是的,以色列 - 於是就出現,即使你釘在十字架上我的兒子,我依然愛你。即使通過你通過你的盲目性拒絕了我的世紀,我依然愛你。因此,這是即使在大屠殺
動亂 和悲傷之中,所以我的主權一手叉腰你身上。因此,這是我給你帶來了破壞和放棄雙方的敵人和朋友,直到你的聲音再一次的殘大聲對我在天空。

            And so it was by My mighty arm as with Moses of old, so I brought you, My people, and I gathered you together. That  even as the nations of the world once again behind closed doors marshaled their voices together against you, so I sent My mighty warring angels forth, and Michael himself fought against the satanic princes on your behalf. And as in the days of old, I brought you back with great joy and rejoicing to your land and My land, the land of Israel.

            And  even as the world looked upon the small and pitiful state and once again mocked, so too through the decades my sovereign hand has been upon you to prosper you, to bless you, to water you, to protect you. And how could it be -- were it not for the hand of the living God -- that such a remnant could bring the world to a standstill?


            甚至作為世界都把小得可憐的狀態,並再次嘲笑,所以也通過幾十年我主權的手一直在你身上繁榮你,祝福你保護你。它怎麼可能 - 如果不是活的上帝之手 - 這樣的遺跡可能帶來世界陷入癱瘓

           Oh, for surely I have made I known that when Israel wars -- the nations gather -- even the Western and the Arab nations and the Eastern nations' eyes are upon Israel because My eye is upon Israel. And so, beloved, in the same manner that you have seen My mighty outstretched hand in the years to come.for many are your enemies, O Israel, and even those that speak peace to you speak with forked tongues. For many shall come to you to sue for favor, but they shall come with forked tongue.

          哦,對我肯定取得我知道,當以色列的戰爭 - 的國家聚集 - 甚至是西方和阿拉伯國家和東歐國家的目光都在以色列,因為我的眼睛是以色列。所以,親愛的,在你已經看到了我的大能伸出的手在年內以相同方式come.for很多都是你的敵人,以色列阿,即使是那些講和平,你說話的舌頭分叉。對於許多人來對你起訴的青睞,但他們必口是心非

To be continue
" 以色列〜我親愛的〜天父說 "
 in Part (II) 

A Visitation of JESUS CHRIST

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HOW " Speaking in tongue " deliver evils from our daily life ?

 HOW " Speaking in tongue " deliver evils from our daily life ?

When the bad guys were after us

 My husband prophet Benjamin and I each have several experiences on this encounter of driving the evils away by praying in tongue :

1:) Few years back, one afternoon, I went home to my parents' home at Kuala Lumpur, as I was reaching the gate of the house, one motorcycle with two people on it, approaching me. they covered their faces and one of them threaten me with a " parang " (one kind of sharp long knife that using to chop woods or trees) to surrender my handbag to them. I refused and instantly, I thrown my handbag over the gate and dropped inside the compound of my parents' house, while they are furious with my action, I started to prayed in tongue with loud voice " ******, *******, ******* " and they just leave me and did not hurt me, Praise God for His protection.

2.) My husband was walking home one afternoon, (before he married me) and near our home, two person riding on a motor came near him, threaten for money and also his hand-phone. My husband hold up his umbrella and start praying in tongue in loud....... " ******,***********", those two men got scared and runway on their bike. Since that day, my husband keep encouraging me and other to learn and pray in tongue to keep up our faith in God and pray when we sense troubles. This really help us to increase our spirit of discerning.

Above just a couple of example to code. hope by this sharing , I can encourage you and I am most please to hear your sharing about the winning of praying in tongue. I prayed now for those who wanted to be baptized in FIRE by Holy Spirit and receive the gift of PRAYING IN HEAVENLY LANGUAGES.



  Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues Builds you Up: When you're born again and filled with the Holy Ghost, the power of God comes to reside in you. This power is triggered off or set in motion when you speak in other tongues."He that speak in an unknown tongue edify himself; ..." (1 Corinthians 14:4). The Greek word translated "edify" is "oikodomeo," which means to construct or build up, to embolden or charge up like you would charge a battery. This Scripture is therefore telling us that the one who speaks in an unknown tongue builds himself up like an edifice; he emboldens himself and charges himself like a battery. He that speaks in an unknown tongue builds up himself. When you spend time to speak in other tongues, you're actually building up your spirit man. "But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost" (Jude 1:20). When you speak in tongues, you're charging yourself in the spirit and stirring up the power of God resident within you. Then strength comes and the glory of God is revealed in your life. If you were weak in your Christian life, as you speak in other tongues, the power of God that has laid dormant within you would be stirred up and you'll be strengthened to do the things of God again. 

It Emboldens You: "He that speak in an unknown tongue edify himself; ..." (1 Corinthians 14:4). Remember that one of the meanings of "edify" is "embolden," so "he that speak in an unknown tongue emboldens himself." Speaking in tongues is the solution to fear and timidity. If you ever become timid about anything, speak in tongues. As a Christian, know that God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Activate the power within you by spending time speaking in other tongues; it works! Speaking in tongues stops all fear; it emboldens you and builds up your inner man so strong that you'll have the dominion over all your adversaries.

It Empowers You To Preach: Someone heard a nine year old boy saying, "I began speaking in tongues when I couldn't preach the Word of God to my classmates at school." He said, "When I started speaking in tongues, I became bold. Then when I went to school, I preached to all my mates." Age has nothing to do with it; this was a nine year old boy speaking in tongues. There is no limitation as to what the Spirit of God can do in your life today if you would spend some quality time to speak in other tongues. He's not a respecter of persons; what He's done for one, He'll do for another under the same circumstances. 

It Charges You Up: When you speak in other tongues, you charge your spirit. This is a "quick charge," because your spirit responds very quickly. It'll only take a few minutes and suddenly the anointing is stirred within you and you're turned into another man.

 Spend Quality Time Speaking In Tongues

I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all (1 Corinthians 14:18)
The power in speaking in other tongues is indescribable. It unlocks and unleashes the power within the Christian and causes the miraculous to happen.Spending quality time speaking in tongues would solve that problem that has lingered on for such a long time in your life. If you really want to see the glory of God in your life, if you want to see promotion and you want to have greater blessings in your life than you're having presently, then speak in tongues more than you've been doing. Remember that it is "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts" (Zechariah 4:6). Are you born again and filled with the Holy Ghost? Then you've got all it takes to unlock that power within you and set up a fire in your spirit by simply SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES!

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MALAYSIA ,WAKE UP !!!! IT IS TIME TO CHANGE for better !!!!!

醒來吧! 馬來西亞,醒來!!! 現在是時候改變更好 !!!!

             As a nation who is advancing to a Developed Country, ie. vision ( wawasan 2020 ), which mean we are as ONE Malaysia must be treated as ONE, regardless of Malays, Chinese, Indians or Bumiputras from Sabah or Sarawak. 

             Ministry of Education plays an very important role and responsible to ensure that the YOUTH of our beloved nation matching toward an level of contributing to NEGARA, BANGSA and KELUARGA (Nation, People and Family) . Discrimination can only created dispute and disunity among people, that is the last thing we as Malaysians who truly love Malaysia seeing our country " Bangsa fighting against bangsa because of skin colors ".



              Try to imagine when a family is fighting against one another within brothers and sisters, that is no room for loves, improvements, caring , helping one another etc. SAME things go to a nation, when we will soon heading to own destruction (Pemusnahan just like how MAS MH Crash in past two cases this year). If a Malaysian despise of his or her background, who desire to be honor and giving opportunities to self advancement like our youth/ young lady Ms. Ng Li Ying who studied hard and she desire our leaders among the local universities to mold her to another level in her life. Otherwise, talented and gifted leaders or Malaysian whom God allow them to be birthed in this land will be soon disappearing days after days, decades after decades. Whom to blame in future if one day our country run out of good leadership people and facing bad administration; instead of making Malaysia prosperous and advancing our nation is going the other way. SAD>>>>> History has reflect this fact. MALAYSIA ,WAKE UP !!!! IT IS TIME TO CHANGE for better !!!!!

         嘗試想像當一個家庭對抗彼此的兄弟姐妹們那是沒有空間的愛改進,體貼,互相幫助等,同樣的一個國家,當我們即將前往自己的毀滅像今年如何MAS MH墜毀在近過去兩个例)如果他或她的背景誰願意成為榮譽和給予機會,自我發展就像我們的青春/年輕姑娘吳裡瑩女士學習認真,希望我們當地的大學領導者塑造到另一個層次馬來西亞鄙視在她的生活否則有才華和天賦的領導人或馬來西亞的人,上帝讓他們得以產生在這片土地將很快消失數十年未來的指責,如果有一天我們的國家用完了良好的領導人們,面對糟糕的管理;而不是讓馬來西亞繁榮,推進我國走另一條路

 醒來吧!馬來西亞,醒來 !!! 

IT IS TIME TO CHANGE for better !!!!!

Attached is a link to the video for Ms.Ng
 together with YB Dato. Teng

Why does a christian fall ? Reasons ......為什麼基督徒跌呢?部分的原因,是......

            Why does a christian fall ? Reasons ......
           為什麼基督徒跌呢?部分的原因,是 ......

         You will fall when your bible foundation is NOT STRONG, it is not how much doctrine and theology that you know, nor speaking a lot or not speak in tongue.
Speaking in tongue is not an issue here. Charismatic is not an issue here. A church's worship team build from how many musicians or singers is never an issue here....... Your Bible Foundation which built on the ROCK or on the sinking sand is the REAL ISSUES here.

Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ ??? or only the relationship with the words in the bible ?
Devils know the bible better than you but they do not have a relationship with Christ, are you like the devils ??? Is the devil your father ? Are you doing the works of the devils or the works of Jesus ?

           You who reject Apostles and Prophets BE CAREFUL, woe onto you.....
You will fall very soon, you may have a lot of members in your church, or a lots of miracles happening......

Todd Bentley fell because his foundation was not strong. 

The apostles and prophets are the pillars  of your church.

You may not like what they said, blessed is that pastor /minister who listen to them and welcome them, his church will be strong....... didn't the Lord said in Matthew 16:18, " And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."



托德賓利(Todd Bentley) 下跌,因為他的根基不強。

My prophetic ministry is not to babysit you, you are expected to grow to a mature Christian and start to experience Christ in life and be a good testimony to others surround you. 

Special note:
Things that seem to looks so nice outside may not be so nice after sometime, we do not like bitter medicine but it cure your diseases.
Never judge a book by its cover.
Do not look at the packaging but study the inside.