Monday, November 3, 2014

MALAYSIA ,WAKE UP !!!! IT IS TIME TO CHANGE for better !!!!!

醒來吧! 馬來西亞,醒來!!! 現在是時候改變更好 !!!!

             As a nation who is advancing to a Developed Country, ie. vision ( wawasan 2020 ), which mean we are as ONE Malaysia must be treated as ONE, regardless of Malays, Chinese, Indians or Bumiputras from Sabah or Sarawak. 

             Ministry of Education plays an very important role and responsible to ensure that the YOUTH of our beloved nation matching toward an level of contributing to NEGARA, BANGSA and KELUARGA (Nation, People and Family) . Discrimination can only created dispute and disunity among people, that is the last thing we as Malaysians who truly love Malaysia seeing our country " Bangsa fighting against bangsa because of skin colors ".



              Try to imagine when a family is fighting against one another within brothers and sisters, that is no room for loves, improvements, caring , helping one another etc. SAME things go to a nation, when we will soon heading to own destruction (Pemusnahan just like how MAS MH Crash in past two cases this year). If a Malaysian despise of his or her background, who desire to be honor and giving opportunities to self advancement like our youth/ young lady Ms. Ng Li Ying who studied hard and she desire our leaders among the local universities to mold her to another level in her life. Otherwise, talented and gifted leaders or Malaysian whom God allow them to be birthed in this land will be soon disappearing days after days, decades after decades. Whom to blame in future if one day our country run out of good leadership people and facing bad administration; instead of making Malaysia prosperous and advancing our nation is going the other way. SAD>>>>> History has reflect this fact. MALAYSIA ,WAKE UP !!!! IT IS TIME TO CHANGE for better !!!!!

         嘗試想像當一個家庭對抗彼此的兄弟姐妹們那是沒有空間的愛改進,體貼,互相幫助等,同樣的一個國家,當我們即將前往自己的毀滅像今年如何MAS MH墜毀在近過去兩个例)如果他或她的背景誰願意成為榮譽和給予機會,自我發展就像我們的青春/年輕姑娘吳裡瑩女士學習認真,希望我們當地的大學領導者塑造到另一個層次馬來西亞鄙視在她的生活否則有才華和天賦的領導人或馬來西亞的人,上帝讓他們得以產生在這片土地將很快消失數十年未來的指責,如果有一天我們的國家用完了良好的領導人們,面對糟糕的管理;而不是讓馬來西亞繁榮,推進我國走另一條路

 醒來吧!馬來西亞,醒來 !!! 

IT IS TIME TO CHANGE for better !!!!!

Attached is a link to the video for Ms.Ng
 together with YB Dato. Teng

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