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HOW " Speaking in tongue " deliver evils from our daily life ?

 HOW " Speaking in tongue " deliver evils from our daily life ?

When the bad guys were after us

 My husband prophet Benjamin and I each have several experiences on this encounter of driving the evils away by praying in tongue :

1:) Few years back, one afternoon, I went home to my parents' home at Kuala Lumpur, as I was reaching the gate of the house, one motorcycle with two people on it, approaching me. they covered their faces and one of them threaten me with a " parang " (one kind of sharp long knife that using to chop woods or trees) to surrender my handbag to them. I refused and instantly, I thrown my handbag over the gate and dropped inside the compound of my parents' house, while they are furious with my action, I started to prayed in tongue with loud voice " ******, *******, ******* " and they just leave me and did not hurt me, Praise God for His protection.

2.) My husband was walking home one afternoon, (before he married me) and near our home, two person riding on a motor came near him, threaten for money and also his hand-phone. My husband hold up his umbrella and start praying in tongue in loud....... " ******,***********", those two men got scared and runway on their bike. Since that day, my husband keep encouraging me and other to learn and pray in tongue to keep up our faith in God and pray when we sense troubles. This really help us to increase our spirit of discerning.

Above just a couple of example to code. hope by this sharing , I can encourage you and I am most please to hear your sharing about the winning of praying in tongue. I prayed now for those who wanted to be baptized in FIRE by Holy Spirit and receive the gift of PRAYING IN HEAVENLY LANGUAGES.



  Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues Builds you Up: When you're born again and filled with the Holy Ghost, the power of God comes to reside in you. This power is triggered off or set in motion when you speak in other tongues."He that speak in an unknown tongue edify himself; ..." (1 Corinthians 14:4). The Greek word translated "edify" is "oikodomeo," which means to construct or build up, to embolden or charge up like you would charge a battery. This Scripture is therefore telling us that the one who speaks in an unknown tongue builds himself up like an edifice; he emboldens himself and charges himself like a battery. He that speaks in an unknown tongue builds up himself. When you spend time to speak in other tongues, you're actually building up your spirit man. "But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost" (Jude 1:20). When you speak in tongues, you're charging yourself in the spirit and stirring up the power of God resident within you. Then strength comes and the glory of God is revealed in your life. If you were weak in your Christian life, as you speak in other tongues, the power of God that has laid dormant within you would be stirred up and you'll be strengthened to do the things of God again. 

It Emboldens You: "He that speak in an unknown tongue edify himself; ..." (1 Corinthians 14:4). Remember that one of the meanings of "edify" is "embolden," so "he that speak in an unknown tongue emboldens himself." Speaking in tongues is the solution to fear and timidity. If you ever become timid about anything, speak in tongues. As a Christian, know that God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Activate the power within you by spending time speaking in other tongues; it works! Speaking in tongues stops all fear; it emboldens you and builds up your inner man so strong that you'll have the dominion over all your adversaries.

It Empowers You To Preach: Someone heard a nine year old boy saying, "I began speaking in tongues when I couldn't preach the Word of God to my classmates at school." He said, "When I started speaking in tongues, I became bold. Then when I went to school, I preached to all my mates." Age has nothing to do with it; this was a nine year old boy speaking in tongues. There is no limitation as to what the Spirit of God can do in your life today if you would spend some quality time to speak in other tongues. He's not a respecter of persons; what He's done for one, He'll do for another under the same circumstances. 

It Charges You Up: When you speak in other tongues, you charge your spirit. This is a "quick charge," because your spirit responds very quickly. It'll only take a few minutes and suddenly the anointing is stirred within you and you're turned into another man.

 Spend Quality Time Speaking In Tongues

I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all (1 Corinthians 14:18)
The power in speaking in other tongues is indescribable. It unlocks and unleashes the power within the Christian and causes the miraculous to happen.Spending quality time speaking in tongues would solve that problem that has lingered on for such a long time in your life. If you really want to see the glory of God in your life, if you want to see promotion and you want to have greater blessings in your life than you're having presently, then speak in tongues more than you've been doing. Remember that it is "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts" (Zechariah 4:6). Are you born again and filled with the Holy Ghost? Then you've got all it takes to unlock that power within you and set up a fire in your spirit by simply SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES!


  1. Yes and amen for the Holy Spirit to move among us an speaking in his quard and be bless in joyful life with care of the Lord and be thankful for salvation daily and go on in bless,thanks and bless,keio sweden