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ISRAEL~ MY BELOVED ~ THE FATHER SPEAKS " 以色列〜天父說 :" 我親愛的〜" Part ( II )

" 以色列〜天父說 :" 我親愛的〜"
Part ( II )

       And so, I would speak to you, Israel, O Israel, my beloved --to gird up your loins -- gird up your loins as for war. For you will be as one who lives as in peace but who is always equipped for war. For in the future years the nations shall start to assemble around you as around a prey that is good for food. And even though they talk peace, their hearts are far from peace and there is no truth in them.
       And it is in this time, O Israel, that as the rumors and the sounds of war grow stronger -- that once again you shall come up and inquire of Me -- and the man in the street shall inquire of Me -- and the learned scholars shall come up and inquire of Me -- and even those in the government and in the hidden high places shall once again inquire of Me.
       所以,我想對你說,以色列以色列啊,我親愛的指定你束上腰 -- 你束上腰的戰爭。因為你會為一個誰住在和平,但誰總是配備了戰爭。在未來幾年國家將開始在你身邊組裝圍繞一個獵物是很好的食物。並且,即使他們談論和平,他們的心遠離和平,也沒有道理在其中。

而正是在這個時候,以色列阿,這是謠言和戰爭的聲音變得更加強大 - 這一次,你要來,詢問我 - 那個男人在大街上應當問的我 - 和學學者應拿出,並詢問了我 - 即使是那些在政府隱蔽性高的地方會再次詢問我。

       Oh, and as you inquire of Me, so My heart rejoices, and I shall hear your supplications. And I shall give ear to your  prayer. And so it is that in these coming end days, when the time of the Gentiles is complete, so shall I with My sovereign mighty hand move My arm as the God of Israel, the Holy One once again in your midst. And so it is in this day and in this hour, that as you seek Me -- and as you inquire of Me -- and you seek Me with your heart -- as one nation --you shall see Him that thou pierced. Every eye shall see Him, every ear shall hear Him.
      ,你問的我,所以我的歡喜我會聽到你的懇求。我會為你祈禱肯聽。因此,這是,在這些未來的日子結束時,外邦人的時間完成,所以我應該用我的主權大能的手在你們中間移動我的手臂,以色列的神,聖者一次。因此,這是在這一天,在這個時候,那你求我 - 你問的我 - 你找我有你的心臟 - 作為一個民族-- 必得見他使你刺穿。眾目要看見他,每一個耳朵聽不得他。
     And so it is that a great spirit of mourning and supplication shall sweep through Jerusalem and through Israel as My people gaze on Him whom they pierced. And as my people gaze upon My beloved Son, so shall she rend her garments. For they shall look upon His glorious face, the fairest of ten thousand. And so it is that they will stand amazed: " For He is one of us," they will say. And so indeed, Jesus Himself shall gather them to His bosom. And  finally, Jerusalem shall be comforted in the arms of her Messiah.

The End.
A Visitation of JESUS CHRIST


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