Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do not quency the Holy Spirit

To the brothers and sisters of the Prophetic fire network from facebook,

          I would like to just share some of my experiences and walks with Christ.....
          I understand the difficulties and challenges of being called and respond  to be a prophetic minister. I remember few years ago, the Lord gave me a dream which I will be lead to stand and speak in front of many people who with their heads bow down before the LORD, a position of waiting and repenting..... and after  a week, I was lead to a healing service and I was astonish to see everything looked so alike in my dream. As the worship songs started and my feet also started to dance for my Lord , and right there the Spirit of God just hit me and I started to prophesied, It was much pains which I could felt for the Lord and tears just keep dropping down. Holy Spirit started to take control over the service ..... in the midst of the service one of the secretary of the host start to stand up and want to leave the hall, the Spirit of God shouted out within and said, " Do not quench the Holy Spirit, He is here..... " the sister started to return back to her former seat.

          Unfortunately, the minister (I do not wish to mentioned her name here) who was also kneed down in the front row started to interfere and asking me to knee beside her. I obeyed but the Spirit of God wanted her to release the service to the movement of the Lord. This minister stubbornly rejected and refused to submit. She insisted to host the service by her own way. When she commanded everyone to stand up and stand forward to front line to be pray for, I sense the grieving of Lord and I stepped down and seated at the back roll. But this minister continue to walk to back and walked past me and return to the front.  
         When the worship song started singing again, my feet started to move forward and dance. This minister came to me and insist of praying for me, she even commanded her two female helpers to hold me front and back. And I felt her pushing, I resisted 1st and the 2nd time, the 3rd time ,when she push", I can not resist her persistence, so I pretend to fall. She took the opportunities while I was lying down, interrogate my background for few minutes and then loudly declaring to the congregation that there was an " Unclean spirit trying to disturb the service ". I felt so hurt and I could not stop thinking back how this minister hurting me and the spirit of God. I never want to see and go back to that service again (unless the Lord wanted me to do so).

          Just sometime, this year, my husband and I was led by the spirit to visit one of the Healing ministry's prayer house which is near our place. One of the young brother was the host and pastor for the prayer house, he was playing the keyboard and as the worship start ..... the spirit of God start moving again, the Lord wanted me to speak a warning Word about the end-time event which just recently occur at Japan. The pastor felt threaten, he stopped me from prophesying and asking both my husband and I to step out to the kitchen at the back for some discussion. This pastor was under the same mentor-ship who the minster mentioned-above for many years.

          But this time, my husband stood up for me and explain to the Pastor to learn to respect spiritual authority when the Holy Spirit is moving , if the spirit is resting on a little 5 years old boy, we must all give respect and listen to what the Lord want to say to His children, we fellowship for 20 minutes and after a light rebuke on the interruption of the pastor , when we return to our place, the spirit of God continue to move among the service and this time everyone who were present that night truly get the message what God want to say and it was not me alone who hear it even the worship leader and some sisters agreed to it too.

           I really thank the Lord for so much encouragement from other sisters and brothers who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. And I give God all the glory for bringing a better understanding to the young pastor how the reverent the present of the LORD.

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