Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A loving and caring God

I am serving a love and caring God

         Recalling an incident which happened few years back, at sometime of the year 2006, one fine afternoon, my husband and I took at tour to National Gallery, Malaysia. We left home in the morning after a early breakfast and we manage to reach the gallery after 1:30pm. On the journey, my stomach had given me some signals about time to input some foods. We did not bring much money with us and I remembered asking my husband, how was he going to buy lunch for both of us that afternoon. And he replied me, " Watch and wait ,the Lord spoke to me that He will provide the lunch for us."   I looked at him with some doubt, at time my faith was really very small. Hence, with a starving condition, l just kept quite and we both entering to the main hall of National Gallery.( This was our 1st trip and follow by many countless trips after that day )
             After we signed at the guest book at the entrance, we noticed there was a Arts works Exhibition going on at the main hall for some local Malaysian artists. When I first saw those beautiful paintings, I was so happy and totally forgotten that we did not ate our lunch. Even though we just miss the opening ceremony and people were moving toward the back entrance. One the gallery staff approach and invite both of us to join the rest of guests for a simple buffet lunch. My heart started leaping up and shouted inside me, "Woo, lunch! God has kept His words, He really providing us a wonderful lunch through all these lovely people, Praise the Lord !" 
      My husband also met with one of the famous Malaysian Artist Mr. Leong Chee Siong, an ex-fine arts teacher at Kuala Lumpur college of Arts (KLCA) and water color artist Mr. Yong Look Lam. The good news is Mr. Leong has accepted Jesus as his personal savior just few years ago.


How much faith is enough to live our life and enjoy our walk with God ?

The followers of Jesus said to him one day, "Give us more faith."

Jesus answered them, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you." Do you know how big a mustard seed is? It is so small that you can hardly see it!

When we have faith in God, it isn't a question of how big our faith is, it is a question of how powerful our God is, and with God all things are possible! ~ Matthew 17:20


              Yesterday morning (30th of August 2011), I was cycling around Klang North, visited New Premises of Harvest Christians Assembly. After I entered Jaya Jusco shopping complex, I pondered at a new baked cake with much coffee and chocolate cream on top and then I saw further 20%, inside my mind I really want to buy this cake home and share it with my family but because I was cycling, I was a little bit disappointing when I left despise of not tasting that cake from the cake house. "in the evening, after wake up from a nap, I spent time on praying for my family members' salvation. I looked at heaven and tell Jesus again, how much I love him and miss Him in my life, trusting Him again completely to save my parents, uncles and aunties as well as their families. 

              As I walked back to kitchen and open the fridge, I got an beautiful surprise..... Guess what did I see ? Two beautiful boxes of nice cut cakes with 9 pieces each in the box. I quickly run toward my husband and check who sent those cakes. Apparently my mother in law's friend had c them over ome and brought over in the afternoon. Wah! My God is so good, he just make my evening so happy and delightfully we share those cakes, in my heart as well as my mouth I felt so, so sweet. I know My god care and He love each of us so much ,even before we pray He know what we need , smile... AMEN !

Lord, You desire all the glory and the honor..... I can hear the song is singing and whispering now into my ears.

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