Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dancing before the Lord


       The moment when you have desire to dance for the Lord and put your focus on Jesus, all the fear and anxious emotions hand it to the Almighty God. Look not onto the men or women, ONLY JESUS, ONLY HIM WHO you love with all your soul, spirit and mind .....  BECAUSE HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISE, BECAUSE HE IS LOVING, HE IS HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS....... ALL THE GLORY UNTO THE ALMIGHTY GOD.

          Time and place shall not stop or determine how you want to dance for the Lord, 2 Samuel 6:16 N.I.V(©1984) "  As the ark of the LORD was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD, ............". One can dances in your little prayer closet, in your bedroom, in the sanctuary, in the present of the Almighty God despise of the people surround you either there is only one person or in front of million souls .... let Holy Spirit guide your steps and your hands...... sing if you can as you worship HIM, tell Him how much you love HIM, how much you adore HIM, how thankful you are to receive the priceless salvation from Jesus...... It please the LORD when He see His children love him and adore HIM. Amen.
       I am also gifted as seer, just before I served the LORD in Prophetic ministry, I just do not understand why the visions of angels dancing before me every time after I came back home from Church worship, they danced in my dreams, and show the ways how they move their steps.   At one time, I decided to draw those visions down. There was few years ago, I hope I still keep those pictures and drawings.


          Some persecuted nations, people start dancing as soon they have the chance to gather together and worship before the King, my husband and I danced for our King of kings when the Lord provided water from heaven,.... we danced for the King in his sanctuary, in home cell meetings etc ... some dance for the Lord when the moment God touched and healed them, and many bring petitions before the Lord through dance and pleasing HIS heart.

           I still remember few years back when the Lord brought me back from His heavenly music room, where I saw angel holding and playing violin before me, I saw the beautiful huge piano display in front me and the Lord prepare a small little chair to allow me to sit down and play with the mind of little child, how lovely, and peaceful to hear the serene harmony music from HIS THRONE room, I saw the rhythm jumped up from the piano keyboard and dancing in the air. There are colorful like rainbow, each one carry it's unique tone, Oh !  I wish I could go HOME more often to dwell in the awesome place, I wish the time and the clock will stop forever at the sweet, beautiful moment ..... AMEN !!! Brothers and sisters in Christ ...... Nothings, absolutely nothing can compare to heavenly music, try it and you will understand what do I mean. Smile, GLORY ! LORD ! GLORY, GLORY unto YOU alone ! ONLY YOU LORD, ALONE !!!

                                                ~ Cassandra LAI FUN TZE ~

          当那片刻,您在耶稣上有欲望为阁下跳舞。。。。。把您的焦点,所有恐惧和急切情感手放它对全能上帝时。不要 看在男人或妇女上,只有看见耶稣,在世界上只有他的爱与所有您的灵魂、精神.....,只因为他是值得的是称赞,因为他是爱恋的,他是圣洁和公正 的....... 全能神的所有荣耀。

          时间和地点不能停止,也不会确定您怎么想要为全能上帝下跳舞, 撒 母 耳 記 下 6:16 " 大衛跳舞,米甲鄙視耶和華的約櫃運進大衛城的時候,掃羅的女兒米甲從窗戶往外觀看,看見大衛王在耶和華面前跳躍舞蹈,.......... "。 在您小祷告壁橱里跳舞,在您的卧室,在圣所中,在全能上帝的面前,人围您二者之一那里,只是的一个人或在百万灵魂前面…. 让圣灵指导您的步和您的手.....  唱歌,如果您能,您崇拜他,您告诉全能上帝您有多爱他,您崇拜他,多么感激您将从耶稣接受无价的救世...... 请全能上帝看见他的孩子    爱他和崇拜他 。。。。 阿门。

       一些被迫害的国家,人们只要有机会一起会集,他们很快在全能上帝前崇拜,起舞 。。。。

Posted by Prophetess Cassandra LAI for the Glory of God.

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