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Conditions For Revival by J. Edwin Orr
復興的條件 "  埃德溫·奧爾J.
 Part (III)

       " Prepare your hearts unto the Lord. " We prepare our hearts unto the Lord by seeking His will, and then accepting it. supposing I was to say to you, just before a meeting in which we expected the blessings of God, " I must go and prepare my heart  unto the Lord !"   What would you imagine? You would expect to find me on my knees seeking God's will by prayer and by reading His written Word. That is the preparation of heart that we all need today ~ First a revival of Bible study and prayer. You can not reap without first sowing.         " And serve Him only." An Irish friend once said to me : " IF Christians served their earthly employers with the same carelessness and incompetence, they would all have got the sack long ago. " We tremble to think of our wobbly sense of duty, or our utterly hopeless perspective.

“準備好你的心歸向主。”我們準備我們的心歸向主,尋求祂的旨意,然後接受它。假如我對你說,就在會議中,我們希望神的祝福,“我必須去準備我的心,對主!”你能想像嗎?你會希望找到我尋求神的旨意的禱告和讀他寫的字我的膝蓋上。這是準備的心,我們今天所需要的〜首先研究聖經和禱告的復興。你無法不先播種收割。 “單要事奉他。”愛爾蘭的一個朋友曾經對我說:“,如果基督徒擔任他們的塵世雇主的疏忽和無能,他們就都得到了麻袋很久以前。”我們顫抖認為我們顫抖的責任感,我們毫無希望的角度。

I was talking to a minister about proposed revival work. He was not concerned about the need of Christians to be revived; neither was he much worried about the state of the ungodly out of Christ. All that he seemed to care about was that no one should trespass on what one might describe as purely denominational interests. We can thank God for the testimony of denominations, but we must also say that a minister's first duty is to serve God, all other things are secondary. 


            When the Christians concentrate on revival with the same zeal that firemen tackle a blazing house; when they serve the Lord with brain and brawn, straining every nerve; then and only then will they be rewarded with the desire of every spiritual heart - revival. 

當基督徒集中在復興的消防員,解決同樣的熱情燃燒的房子時,他們事奉主的大腦和四肢發達,使勁的每一根神經,然後才將他們得到回報的各樣屬靈的心 - 復興的願望。

        " And He shall deliver you ..... " God's promises are clear. If we take one of them -   "  ..... Prove Me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven .... " (Mal. 3:10) - we can rejoice in the definite promise made so that there is no room for doubt, no place for misunderstanding.

“他必救你......“ 神的應許是很清楚的。如果我們把其中之一  “ ......現在茲證明我說,萬軍之耶和華,我會為你們敞開天上的窗戶......”(瑪3:10) - 我們可以慶幸在明確的承諾,所以,有沒有懷疑的餘地,沒有誤解的地方。

             In the case of the Israelites, we read next of their obedience. They put away the strange gods and served the Lord only. In so many words, they did what they were told and they did what they knew to be right. " Obedience, faith and prayer, " wrote my friend, Dr. Horace Philp. , " are still the only human factors that can bring about revival."

 在對以色列人的情況下,我們看了下他們的服從。他們放好的外邦神,事奉耶和華。在這麼多的話,他們做了什麼,他們被告知,他們做了他們所知道的是正確的。 “服從,信仰和祈禱中寫道,”我的朋友,霍勒斯·菲利普博士。 “仍然是唯一的人為因素,可以帶來復興。”

The Church must First Repent by J.Edwin Orr.


Continuing " CONDITIONS FOR REVIVAL" ~ in Part (VI) :

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