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Conditions For Revival 
by J. Edwin Orr
Part (IV)

              After the people of God had turned away from their idols, Samuel made the way clear before them. "Gather   all Israel to Mizpeh, and I will pray for you unto the Lord "
( 1 Samuel 7:5 ).

              We recall that Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord and cried : "I will not let thee go except thou bless me" (Genesis 32:26).  He prevailed. In consequence, his name was changed from Jacob, the sup planter to Israel, a prevailer with God. We know also that Mizpeh means the "place of watchfulness" - and it was the rallying place of the tribes.

           Let us read this verse, the declaration of Samuel, very literally : " Gather all the prevailers with God to the place of watchfulness, and then prayer will be fruitful. " 

           Prayer will bring revival. But it must also be united prayer. Dr. A. T. Pierson, the noted church historian and missionary statesman, has said : " There has never been a revival in any country that has not begun in united prayer, and no revival has ever continued beyond the duration of those prayer meetings. " The idea of praying for revival in one section of the church only is both ludicrous and profitless. We must pray unitedly for the whole household of faith.

          "When God intends great mercy for His people," said Matthew Henry, " He first of all sets them a-praying." But prayer must be real prayer. One may say truthfully that much that goes under the name of prayer is nothing more than hot air, and it rises no higher than the roof. True prayer is the cry of a child to its Father. 

          Prayer will bring revival, and if ever you hear of an intensive prayer meeting, take it as a sure of blessing to follow.

         The people of God hearkened to the advice of Samuel. They meant business. They prepared. They fasted. And they said there : " We have sinned against the Lord" 
~ (1 Samuel 7:6)

          True searching of heart follows the seeking of God's presence in prayer, and it invariably produces conviction of sin. They confessed their sin. I can not imagine from the Bible narrative that these tens of thousands recited the words together : " WE have sinned against the Lord." No: rather it must mean that they individually and collectively confessed their sins to God and sought His pardon.

         It is the same today. Revival is impossible apart from confession to one another. Every hindrance must go. Sin must be confessed in order that it may be cleansed. It is noticeable that Samuel " judged" Israel in Mizpeh. Judgement must begin at the house of the Lord.

          The result of prayer and confession was a mighty revival and a glorious victory over the power of evil.
            We have lessons to learn from the story of the revival in Samuel's day. The conditions of REVIVAL remain unchanged. when we, as Christians, are willing to turn away from our idols, and to prepare by united prayer for widespread blessing, then the Spirit of the Lord will convict us of our sins against God, and with the confession and cleansing of these will come a lasting revival of true religion.

              God grant it. ~ The Church must First Repent by J.Edwin Orr.

(Special note: on 29th of Jan 2013. My husband Prophet Benjamin Liu  and I were ministering to a local church named SIBKL Lake City, Setapak, Malaysia, As I pray and hand over the whole service to Holy Spirit and asking The Spirit to take control ..... I had witnesses how Holy Spirit moved in power and super blessings flowing from Father's throne, many received different kind of anointing including worship, dog bark, eagle, fire balls, the Lord set their feet on fire to dance for the Lord both men and women, out pouring of honey and new wine etc. etc. Many have received not only one time but many many times, Hallelujah ! Praise the LORD on earth and in heaven !!! )

Source : Herald of His Coming December 2012

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