Monday, March 11, 2013

天堂的寵兒釘在十字架上。The Darling of Heaven crucified

The Darling of Heaven crucified.

         Few years ago, I had an opportunity to fellowship with a  Reverent at a local Presbyterian church, I was sharing with Reverent about the heart of Worship. I pointed out that many Christians singing during Sunday service more onto themselves' glory then onto the LORD. How many of us are worship and meditate on the lyrics (especially hymns songs) and fully understand the meaning ?
        幾年前,我有一個機會,與一個虔誠的牧人在當地的長老會; 我分享心懷崇拜的心。我曾指出,許多在週日的基督徒唱歌,服務到自己的榮耀,而不是榮耀耶和華。我們有多少人崇拜和冥想的歌詞(尤其是讚美詩歌曲),並充分理解其中的含義呢???

          Personally, I prefer singing“ Hymns”, they minister to my souls even while I am singing and praising the Lord before the message of God was being delivered. How many of us are able to vision the pain and the crucifixion of our Lord when the song is singing ..... "Darling of Heaven crucify, Worth of the LAMB" ? 1st and foremost, we need to fully understand the meaning when someone call the other person "My Darling", " my beloved", "my sweet heart", etc. How many of us mentioned this in our daily life really mean what we says ???

       就個人而言,我享受也喜歡唱“聖歌”,因它们对我的靈魂說话,而我唱讚美主神的信息之前交付。我們里有多少人能夠對視我們的主的痛苦在十字架上,當歌唱 ...... 诗曲 “親愛的天堂宝贝釘在十字架上,價值的羔羊”?第一,最重要的是,我們需要充分理解其中的含義,當有人呼叫其他人,“我的親愛的”,“我親愛的”,“我的甜蜜的心”,等我們有多少人提到這一點在我們的日常生活究竟意味著什麼?

       Jesus not only is yours or mine "Darling" , He is also the Darling of Heaven. Imaging the most loved and " precious " (define the meaning like precious stone, e.g. diamonds, rubies, gems stones etc.) one from Heaven was send down to earth to be crucified just because of our sinful nature. I would break down and cried for His mercy and and thank Him for His unconditional loves, When we sing to the Lord, we are not singing " Karaoke " during our Sabbath day. Our heart must be turn to the right channel, to the right spirit, so that we can worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth. AMEN ?

耶穌不僅是你的,我的 “親愛的”,他更是上天的寵兒。成像最喜愛的 “寶貝”(定義如寶石,如鑽石,紅寶石,绿寶石,寶石的含義)。耶穌從天上~派下來到地球​​,因為我們的罪性,被釘在十字架上。我想哭了,因他的慈愛。。。。感謝他對世人無條件的愛;當我們向耶和華歌唱,我們不是在我們的安息日唱 “卡拉OK”。我們的心必須以正確的精神,使我們可以一起用心靈和誠實去拜神!啊们 ?

All Glory to Our LORD. Amen。 
一切榮耀都归主耶穌 !阿们!

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