Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prophecy on New Year Eve 2016 預言在新年前夕2016年

Prophecy on New Year Eve 2016 
( 預言在新年前夕2016年 )

When you (as a minister/servant of God) has accomplished a task or work for our Lord, and you did it well ( you know it deep in your heart ) but someone else ( another minister, body of Christ, husband or wife etc.) try to obtain credit because he or she also accomplished some tasks for the Lord. And try to remember this (very important) there is no need to incurred any unpleasant fight or argument with that person, God see our heart, Amen ?! And the Lord know how to credit and debit your account in heaven, He will add accordingly!
Sometime we felt unfair because in those arguments we did not win, but we spoken a lot of idle words or words that hurt one another. The Lord is not please and He says, " From now on, stop the arguments, let Me do the balancing."

Make peace as we match together into New Year 2016.
Have joy and victory live a life that glorify our Lord's name,
讓和平是我們搭配在一起成為新的一年2016年。 有喜悅和勝利有意義的人生榮耀我們的主的名字,
Apostolic Prophetic minister,
Cassandra Lai

All Glory to God.

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