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My personal life witnessing presence of angels on my Holy Fire Baptism day.

Angels singing caught on tape - part 3
天使唱歌 - 第3部分

My personal life witnessing presence of angels on my Holy Fire Baptism day.


Recalling more than 15 years ago, year 2000. I was holding a post of commander in Royal Ranger Children ministry at Charis Christian Center, Taman Million Cheras. I was leading some of Ranger to attend the Nation Camp (combining churches), held from 31st of May to 2nd of June, 2000.

In the very beginning, I was just help those very children between 4-6 years to settle down at their camp after we arrived in the noon. Children and adults are truly having fun because the commanders from all over Malaysia help to set up the camp and there were more than 800 children attended. Many indoor and outdoor games made available for those children to play and train them to be better independent kids. We have morning worship and night worship. On the 1st day of June, I was attracted by a marvelous children worship and lead to the main hall. I know the children all are gathered there. But I also saw many angelic beings were floating and flying between the ceiling and 3 feet about those children. It was a big huge hall, beside hearing children sweet voice, I heard for the 1st time the angelic voice but I was so afraid to talk to anyone there because all of them were so more into prayers and worship. These angels do not have a body and you and me, they looks white but not totally white , a little bit  transparent. I was caught in the marvelous worship. 

After dinner with with other commanders, I walk into the same hall longing to hear those angelic singing again. Pastor Mark from USA was giving a short sermon and giving out alter call for those who wanted to received Holy Fire Baptism. So many children responded to the calling, I was a bit shy to step out because if I do I will be only adult going up and get prayed for. With some encouragement from my fellow lady commander, I finally walk up and received my Holy tongue gift during my Holy Fire Baptism, Hallelujah !!! 

My life change completely since that day, I start to read my Bible, and God speak to me in RHEMA WORDS. Sometime, when I ask the Lord why am I experience different of life and emotion, Holy Spirit will lead me to look some scriptures and I totally understand why. I have my bible in my working place, I started to fall in love with Bible classes like book of Psalm, King David, Prophet Elijah, etc.

To help me to recover from the food poisoning and some emotional pains, my husband Prophet Benjamin Liu open these angelic singing during my resting time for past two days. They sound very familiar on the day when I 1st hearing the angelic beings singing and worshiping the Lord. 
為了幫助我從食物中毒和一些情感的傷痛中恢復過來,我的丈夫先知 劉世平在我的休息時間,這兩天打開這些天使般的歌聲。他們很熟悉的一天,當我聽到天使的生命歌唱,敬拜主的非常第一時間.

This video must watch !!! 此視頻必須看!

Specially dedicated to China mainland and Taiwan brothers and sisters in Christ.

This video was published on last year on 16 Nov 2014
As a follow up to the first video this presentation brings 3 more instances of what appear to be Angels singing alongside Earthly worshipers.

As stated in the video I cannot say how authentic the clips are only to say that to me, there's appears to be something supernatural about them.

My only interest is in bringing my God Glory, Honor and Praise, so be Blessed as you listen and remember please don't worship or put Angles on a pedestal. They are our friends and co-laborers but must not be worshiped as God.

I hope you can and will enjoy this presentation and enter into the presence of the Lord as you listen and give Him all the honour and praise HE so rightfully deserves.

Thank you and please share as you feel led.

And on an end note, if you feel led to pray for revival in Norway amongst the Governmental leadership, the towns, cities and the people that would be wonderful.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this Ministry. I rely completely upon God to keep me going and you lovely people are His representatives. I don't like to ask for help but I have no choice and who else should I ask. Thanks for any help you can give. You can click the following link or click the "Support Jesus Norway" button on my main channel page at the top right. God Bless you and thank you.
Be Blessed.

Specially dedicated to China mainland and Taiwan brothers and sisters in Christ.

Angels Singing Caught On Tape - Part 2

This is
my true testimonial 這是我的真實見證when I received Baptism in Fire and the videos are selected form You Tube.

You are welcome to share, to God be the glory !

Posted and shared by Apostolic Prophetic minister,
Cassandra Lai with the video clips divinely choose by her Husband Benjamin Liu.

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