Friday, August 2, 2013



         Lord revive us again.  Let the lips of your Holy Spirit be pressed upon ours.  breathe deep into our lungs the breath of your holiness.  Massage our hearts once more with your nail scarred hands.  Stir back into life the embers grown cold, and remind us of the covenant, signed in your blood with the point of a spear. 
     Lord, we give unto you all the carnal rags of this old world, please replace them once more with your garments of righteousness.  We give unto you all of our useless weapons of self efforts.  Please replace them with those that will bring down strongholds. 

    Help us to repair the altars that have fallen, and let your sacrifice be honored with the tears of our sincerity.  Lord please forgive us the pride and traditions that have divided and scattered the bones of your remnant.  Raise up your watchmen with the courage to speak and restore the flesh that the enemy has consumed.  Let life return to the Army of the Lord.

    Lord let your fire fall upon us.  Help us not to be content with only a brush fire, a brief and localized event. one that makes a lot of smoke, yet is here today and gone tomorrow.  Help us to challenge you with the vastness of our vision and the magnitude of our request.  Give us the boldness to ask, where is the Lord God of Elijah?

   Lord, please fan the flames of revival with the winds of your spirit.  Create a raging inferno that will consume the undergrowth of carnality, that which has hindered the power of your church.  Let it flames reach out into the streets of our cities, touching those in nursing homes, hospitals, schools and prisons.   From the ashes let new life come forth, a church patterned after but not limited to your church at Pentecost.

    Lord let the brightness of your Glory arise upon us.  Let its shining draw unto you, all those who are hurting and lost like moths to a flame.  Lord help us to not be content with a temporary emotional high, one that satisfies only the senses. but let us hunger for the supernatural signs that follow the warriors. Those signs that lift up your name and draw all men unto you.

Time coming for Face to Face " 面對面" 時間來了... ( II )

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