Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2nd time encountering with Holy Angel 第二次遇到天使

Shalom to all,                        

           The angel who appealed in my Klang home is Angel Seraph as being confirmed by a Prophetic intercessor, Bishop Ajose. Below is a short message which he sent to me at "Linked In" after he read my posting.

           This is a reply from a Prophetic intercessor from another network "Linked In" :

Dear Cassandra,

      Praise the Lord. Encounter and fellowship in the supernatural and angelic ministry is a natural occurrence in my life and ministry.

      The angel that visited you is a Seraph, one of the holy ones that stand in the presence of God.

     You shall have another visitation very soon in another dimension and you will be imparted with the grace of knowledge into anointed holy songs.


Bishop Ajose
Prophetic Intercessor

Note "  Encounter with angel while I was playing piano music of "Silent Night" at home。
在家裡彈鋼琴音樂的 “平安夜”,遇到的天使 " 


  This Holy angel has appealed in front of me, he was playing a beautiful music with violin. We met once in the music throne room in heaven few years ago. If you are interest on my encounter with angel Seraph on the 1st time please goto my website below :

Visitation to Heaven (IV) Heaven Music Throne Room "

      Often when the Lord led both of us to join the praise and worship of churches, as God used us to raise up the spirit of worship of that church, prophetic seer/ prophet could see or vision angels descending and ascending from heaven. Personally , I visioned this many times. And when I spent time with God in my own room, Open heaven vision of angels ascending and descending in the midst of my bedroom, Glory to God, peace and joy certainly fill my heart and my soul.

Shalom and may God bless you,
Apostolic and prophetic minister
Cassandra Lai

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  1. dolly--- I pray after reading about angels God will send us 2 for protection +finances ---amen