Friday, June 8, 2012

A Special thanks and prayers healing part II


Dear Father in Heaven, LORD Jesus and sweet holy spirit,

         It has been more than a week, my body was suffered from skin problems. Today I felt so much better and I am certain that God has done the healing in His miraculous way within my body. I like to thanks those who were touch by God, who carry much fruits of the spirit, and prayed for my healing earnestly. 

       And a special to my beloved husband, prophet Benjamin Liu for his constant moral supports, praying for me for many sleepless nights, loving and caring beside me and singing praise and songs during I am weak.

         I prayed that O Father, you bless them mightily in your way for their family and finance and needs to facilitate the ministries to move more powerfully for you ..... enrich their personal and family life.  As I am in pain, as I was crying , I felt the Lord's pain over His body of Christ, " IF My legs are injured, pains or not able to function properly, these will affect the hands of full function, same with neck, and other part of the body."

         The words of God said it clear...... WE ALL AS A WHOLE IS THE BODY OF CHRIST, when I was in pain, I felt the pain in Christ toward His body ..... Jesus is ready to come back for His bride but His body of Christ is not ready to receive Him. I urge those who read and pray for me and also for the body of Christ that we can live for Christ and please Him daily by take care of our body, soul and spirit..... diligently seek His words and face, paid our price, HE IS ALL WORTH of us .

         Once again I claimed this to my healing as well as healing to body of Christ : Isaiah 53: 3-5 " By His Stripes, WE are HEALED. " In Jesus' name I prayed, AMEN !!!  


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