Saturday, June 2, 2012

Healing and deliverance prayers

O Father,
           Let your blood of Jesus covering me from head to toes as I prayed for healing and release of sickness and illness within the body of Christ in spirit, soul and body ......

           I pray and uphold each and every member in the body of Christ, that all the children of God especially for those whom you have chosen, ministers, servants of your high calling. a vessel to be used for your glory will be an over comer in sickness and in  time of difficult. O Lord, help them to focus on you alone Lord Jesus, seek your face, worship you and fellowship with you and see your greatness happening in their life and their love ones. When the legs or hands of our body are sick, it affect our whole body and concentration on the task we were entrusted to do, Have mercy on us, O Lord ... let the river of healing flow in and through us and make us a blessings to others, shine through us.......

         Satan, I command you to take your hands of my sisters and brothers in Christ, As CHRIST Jesus our Lord walked on earth HE NEVER sick.... so we are in Christ. and you have not authority over our souls, spirit and body because we have chosen to be in Christ (not in darkness), I sent all the sickness or spirits which tormenting the body of Christ to pit of fire, Hell is where you come from then go back to your own 
place and stop all the evil works, ........


           我祈禱著,堅持每一個成員在基督的身體,神的兒女们,特別是對那些你所選擇的:僕人们高呼召。在疾病和困難的時候,使用的船隻,為您的榮耀將是後起之秀。主啊,幫助他們集中精力在你獨自一人,主耶穌,尋求你的臉,崇拜你,並與你相交,看到發生在他們的生活和他們的親人,你的偉大。當我們的身體的腿或手生病了,它影響我們的整個身體和集中上的任務,我們委託做的,有憐憫我們,主啊 ......讓河流的癒合流,並通過我們和讓我們祝福別人,照耀通過我們.......



In the mighty name of Jesus, I prayed, AMEN.

      Let your glory come down for the end hour , deliver your children from the evil and darkness and manifest our glory within the body of Christ.

Stay blessed, Prophetess Cassandra LAI


  1. Rev. Roy D. DurrenceJune 2, 2012 at 9:03 PM

    Almighty God , I stand in agreement with Prophetess Cassandra in this prayer. Your word says if two shall agree upon any one thing in your name believing , it shall be done.
    You said that whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven , and whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven.

    Satan is a liar and a thief , the truth is not is not in him , for he is the father of all lies. He has no authority over us ,for greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.
    We claim the victory over each and every agent of darkness , rebuke satan himself by the power of Jesus Christ in whom our strength lies. We command in the nameof Jesus , and by the power of the Holy Ghost , that the devils of hell turn loose of everything they have stolen , turn loose of the bodies , turn loose the minds , turn loose the blessings , and touch not the children of the one and only Almighty God , in the Holy Name of Jesus.

  2. Amen and Amen, thanks Brother Roy D.Durrence, may God bless you abundantly.

  3. I feel very blessed, I impart all the prayer warriors at intervals the my Prayers For Deliverance ministry for praying on behalf of Maine. They helped American state to beat my family quarrels and problems.