Monday, October 31, 2011

Visitation to Heaven ( V )

Visitation to Heaven ( V )

              After I came back from heaven, all I want to do is to dance, sing and worship the LORD.  In Pastor Kevin Jonas' class at School of Acts, a prophetess sat beside me and told me that morning and that made my heart lift up with joy. I remembered she saying this to me, " The Lord is very please with you ",  I believed she was referring to the Hospital ministry which the Lord has entrusted me.  I was not scared of seeing people die because I know Heaven is far better place than earth. It help me to go extra miles for the Lord, I was full with joy when I pray for Cancer suffering patients. Many times , I experiencing people waiting  for my visit to their hospital beds to lead them to Christ. Ministering angels prepare the way before hand. The yoke which I was carry was getting easier when my emotional was not effected, I do not cried that much because of losing someone.  

            That vary afternoon, I received a call from Methodist  church brother that sister Ah Moi passed away at 7a.m. news. He told me I should join them for the funeral service in the evening. The same pastor who baptized sister Ah Moi was present to conduct her funeral. All the members of the same hospital ministry team was present too. I appeared  to be calm, in fact I felt relief to let sister Ah Moi go home with the LORD.

              I did not cry that evening, my heart was filled with joy because  I know she need not have to suffer physical pain anymore and she is rest in peace in heaven.  I shaken hands with all her family members. God is so good to me, I remembered when my babies hamsters died few months ago, I have cried for them for almost a week, but that night, no tear was shared. In side my heart, I experienced the peace of God for the 1st time. Sister Ah Moi is more than a sister to me , our relationship has become so closer, closer than a mother and daughter. One of her sister came and hug me and she wanted to bless me with a large amount of money, but I refused to take, all I know is the joy and those time we shared together were priceless. 


                 I took a break of a week, and resumed the hospital visitation on the following week. But when I got closer to the I.C.U. room which sister Ah Moi used to stay and the moment I took a look inside and find that she is no more there, the pain of losing someone dear, and those sweet memories which we both spent in I.C.U. brought me to much tears.

              Somehow the vision of heaven kept me strong in the Lord, continue to share the gospel of Christ to those who need salvation. And I was blessed when I see many souls accepted Jesus as their personal savior..... Some of time, I pray and met them for one time, and I never got to meet them  for 2nd chance again, God often used me to lead especially those who were in cancer wards to Christ. Often, I will ask the Lord , where are those people who met. Some of them recovered and return home with family but some passed away.
           I recalled one incident, when I was ministered to a Muslims lady who was suffering breast cancer, she has lost her right breast many years ago. And when I met her and her husband, she is undergo chemotherapy because of cancer tumor recurrence, and the doctor advice to operate her left breast. I saw how she fight with her pains, at time, her husband has to ask doctor to gave her extra dose to stop her pain. I was in the cancer ward with her for almost one week, in morning, I will walk to hospital and prepare her the detoxifying meal and also pray for her.  one morning, when she was alone, I share Jesus with her and I prayed the sinner prayer with her. She accepted Christ as her personal savior. Later of the week, I could not find her anymore, the nurse told me she was being discharge and brought back to her home, apparently her husband was facing financial difficulties on the bill payment. When the family members heard there was no hope, they decided to bring her home.  Two days later, I receive a call from her husband telling me that she has passed away that morning. I spent my morning with my Lord, praying and seeking confirmation from God where is she  now, the LORD spoken to me, she is now with Him in heaven. My heart turn from sorrow to joy. I am happy because I was able to change the destiny of a helpless Muslim woman. There were many testimonials of souls leading to heaven, I just don't think I could share it all in one time.
         And during this period of time, I met my husband Prophet Benjamin, who taught me vocal lessons and voluntarily he follow me to do hospital visitations. H is still teaching me vocal lessons and many singing techniques today. God also sent anointed dancers from Thailand, Singapore and Africa to Tabernacle of David to teach me and anoint me dancing. My anointing in Praise and worship developed speedily. I have seen angels teaching me dance steps in dreams and visions. Blessed be the name of my LORD !

               6 months after we met (Prophet Benjamin and I), God opened my next chapter in life of walking with HIM.  We were visit by a prophet from Tabernacle of David, Setapak, Malaysia who prophesied into our we life and our marriage, this anointed minister saw two doves rested on each of our shoulder after he pray for our marriage which match-made by the LORD. The Lord is please as we obeyed HIM to step into this covenant by faith and moving more powerfully for The Lord's calling as prophetic ministers. Started from our honeymoon month, miracles started to manifest through our walk with Him by faith. Every church we go, God's present with us, together with the Holy Spirit we work hand in hand, the praise and worship of church that dying of Holy Fire being revived, the fear of the Lord being restored, High Praise being imparted, with dancing of banners , flags and  tambourine etc.  Many spirit filled churches which the Lord led us to, God use either my husband or myself to conduct for the music or choir team. As a team, we work harmony, those heavenly songs and musics flow and well blended with the worship teams.  Sometimes, I could sense and vision angels present and dance with us throughout the service in the spirit. 



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  1. Hi! I am in desperate crucial need of Holy, Godly Heavenly visitations, in order for me to be a brand new mind, spirit, soul and body, brand new perfect me, myself and I, that and whom are incorruptible plus is incorruptible, never receive harm from the devils, others, the Lord God and others, unrighteous people, righteous people and Righteous people. It is pertinent for all of us species to be all perfect to one another and each other. It is all the way right for people to be honored and respected. THANK YOU, for reading and understanding this real and true note! MAY THE LORD GOD BLESS YOU, ALWAYS AND ALL OF US! KINDEST REGARDS, Afeni M Nelson!

    1. I would love and like to be a new lady creature who is not going to ever cause accidents, accidentally, bloopers, blunders, errors, mistakes, sins, transgressions, sinful mistakes, evils, intentionally and unintentionally! Shalom, Afeni Makebe Nelson!

    2. The devils and demons have better not ever touch me with evil and love for me, because it is dangerous to sin from them or from my will. AMEN AND HALLELUJAH! By Afeni

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    4. Amen and thank you Afeni M Nelson.