Monday, July 25, 2011

The Miraculous works of Christ !!!

              A church that does not demonstrate the miraculous works of Christ has failed to give the world that opportunity, and thus has no right to judge them for their response. Without miracles, the kingdom of God is reduced to words, bible concepts and good works. ~ "Heavy Rain by Kris Vallotton "


             What kind of miracles are we referring here ??? When Jesus was walking on this earth.... people experience the SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS, the manifestations of kingdom of God, for examples : the blinds see, the lame walks, the dead are raised, and demons being cast and captives being delivered and set free, etc etc.
             Dear body of Christ, set your life holy and consecrated to God, allow Holy Spirit to manifest His power through you, God is the potter we are just His clay ..... HE want to use you and me especially for this hours of time.
             Why in certain nations or churches, God choose to move powerfully, but most are dying and drying of from the freshness of the sweet aroma loves from Jesus Christ ???  ..... Check your heart, your life and your walk with God ..... Are we living up to His calling and His standard .... Seek HIM now, the time is near tell our Father, how much I am sorry for not walking obediently and LET GOD BE GOD ..... LET HIM direct your path.

             Brothers and sisters, have you ever experience a cut in your hands or fingers before? It is painful for you, right. NOW... imagine when God see the souls are deceived by the spirit of darkness and drag to hell daily, those pains are like the cut in His heart. HE LOVE US SO much, children of God that Father choose to give His one and begotten son Jesus Christ to be striped , to be put to shame and finally to be crucified on the cross for our sins. How much more can we repay, nothing, absolutely NOTHING.  He ask for nothing but HE FREELY give us all...... Let we live and seek to please Him, live by His grace and be obedient .... after all you would be joyful and honor to be the one who show the gate of Heaven and lead your loves one to enter into the eternity joy, celebrating in Heaven is nothing compare to earthly parties and celebrations ..... I hope constantly we can ask God to envision us higher and deeper into His thought.

           After all we are all walking on earth for one only lifetime, why not choose to walk with no regret and be a supernatural Christians than just  simple contented milk feeding baby Christians.

Stay blessed always,
Prophetess Cassandra LAI

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