Monday, January 24, 2011

Be With Me

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  1. Take a Missions Team
    Church planting - Tanzania
    prepare for Conference of the Pastors and wifes in Dodoma then we have the trip for church planting in Tanzania , this mission team we began /planing from 6 August 2010 to Dec 2011 we have 5 areas strong for church planting ,
    1]prepare for Conference of the Pastors and wifes in Dodoma
    2] in kiteto Manyara Region mission , to preach and teaching the gospel and to complete the church Building there
    3] Haydom Manyara Region , this ares were going to preach the gospel and we plan to plant the church two new Branches there,
    4] in Singida Region we have 3 church Branches there and were doing to plant other two new church branches
    5] Dodoma villages /District we plan to plant 2 new church Branches

    this is our plan for the Tanzania Mission so we wait from you to make Deferent thank you and your welcome you and your Mission partners

    in this area we pray God to give us the Mission Partners and the Missionaries from any where to work together this the work of God here in Tanzania, in this area we need clean water, cloth for orphanages ,food for poor people in this mission, the new church Buildings even small Buildings , we need support for farmers Projects. pray for this
    thank you and may God bless you

    Senior Pastor Eliah Ester Mauza
    Pentecostal Mission Churches of Tanzania 3204
    Dodoma Tanzania

    Lifeway Ministries churches International 3204
    Dodoma 25526Tanzania
    Take a Missions Team
    Youth Revival Camp 09 – Uganda
    Prepare your young people now for the mission of a lifetime and join us as part of the team for Youth of Christ Foundation Youth Revival Camp in Kampala, Uganda in September 09. This will be our 3rd time at this conference which is growing bigger every year. We are planning on taking a bigger multi national team, to include especially young people, any pastors or leaders, singers, musicians as well as those that want to see first hand what is happening and be a part of this mighty move of God.