Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Lord is raining down His blessing abundantly ~ Part (I)

Glory to our loving God.
Blessings from the LORD ~ " FREE PIZZA "

This afternoon (23rd of December 2010), I ordered a Pizza online and require delivery to home..... the manager in charge called and tell me which the outlet oven facing some problem, could not deliver on time..... My husband and I were not very happy and we made a call to HQ via Toll Free and find out what is going to happen to our meals... They have made couple of calls and I got a bit angry over the service and complaint to the manager via the phone that we shall entitled for a "FREE PIZZA".

                A lady manager called me back and tell me that they only give Free coupons for late delivery. We waited for more than 45mins. I kept ringing and find out what was going on because I have already order via my VISA card. Then the same manager called back and apologized, sounded like the oven is going to take the whole afternoon to get repair... I expressed our disappointment and she felt so sorry over the situation as I was thinking of calling up the HQ again to cancel the order, Ms. Bayu the outlet manager told me the heat of oven is going up and promised that in another 1/2 hour, Pizza should be a our doorstep. And Free coupons will be given.
                       Woo..... around 1pm, finally a delivery boy came. He handed to us 3 "BIG" pizza (We bought an online order of Buy 1 get 1 Free), and now we received 3 "BIG" one plus 3 more personal pizza coupons......O God..... My praises to my LORD, HE TRULY bless us abundantly this Christmas with PIZZA (one of our favorite). Instantly, my husband Benjamin reminded me to called up Pastor David regarding the prophecy being released one week ago at Gem Ministry, THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN PHYSICAL REALM..... GOD IS RAINING DOWN HIS BLESSINGS MIGHTILY IN ALL WAYS..... more to share.... Cheers. Praise HIS Holy name, Always.

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