Sunday, July 25, 2010

My 1st sermon for the Lord

            What A wonderful evening with the LORD….on 21st Of Dec. 2006
           At 7:00pm, my darling Prophet Benjamin and I were invited to Fountain of Grace Church to conduct a worship service with the LORD. But as we went into the church van, we receive invitation from Ah Weng asking us to conduct a church service tonight for the brethren. Right away, my darling agreed but I was thinking that he will be the one preaching the message of GOD.

       As Ah Weng is the only one serving that night who need to fetch other people up especially for those who were helping on distributing the pamphlets of Endah Parade at Sri Petaling which will be held 3 days (Christmas event)  Pastor Dong Compoy from Philippine. We requested him to drop us first in the church so that I could practice some songs and music.

       At 8:30p.m. 3 more brothers finally arrived and all in tonight we only have 6 people which included me and my husband. But the present of GOD was very real. We do not have enough God’s servants that night, hence, I started by playing the music with the organ ( 1st time in my life ) "Jesus love me" and then "Silent night , Holy night" and  etc. NO worship leader , as the LORD lead I announced that Holy Spirit will be leading  the worship service, and the service start with quite and only Ah Weng and my darling have the heart of worship. GOD was not please, as I was imparted with worship leader anointing, I started to stand up and lead the church to sing again "Jesus love me" both in English and Mandarin. And then I also lead the church to dance on the song " Segala puji Tuhan", and everyone feel more awake and started to soak in the present of LORD.

       After leading these 2 songs, I requested my husband Benjamin to preach the message as I knew Benjamin is very sensitive to the leading of Holy Spirit. As soon as he stand up and speak at the pulpit, he started prophesy into each and everyone's life. And I was stand beside him to translate but I was enjoying the warmness o f GOD hugging me and I was enjoying HIS presence. Suddenly he stop talking and asking me to take over the pulpit and saying that the LORD wanted me to preach. Thank you LORD, who has used my husband to anoint me this morning so, I was bold to take the challenge. So I started to preach as the LORD lead without even prepare any message before hand.

        Words just flow through my mouth and I felt the warmness of God's present and I also an altar call for the people for healing. One of them has just met an accident 1/2 year ago and he came to church with a crutch. I spotted one of the young brothers wearing something like a bracelet on this right hand, the bracelet look like a rosary, so the LORD prompted me to ask who gave Him the rosary and he confessed that a Roman Catholic pastor gave it to him. So I requested him to remove it on the spot and pray for his healing.

        The service went on well and peacefully. All were touch by GOD with His mighty presence.