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A Blessed New Year 2007 !!!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
         The LORD has removed the "tarnished silver and gold" and we are called to be His children, ready to be served and shine as new silver and gold in this New Year of 2007. What a wonderful year of 2006, looking back for much blessings of God's hands upon our life,.Trusting Him alone and walking by faith, we can only says, " LORD, I thank you, and thank you and thank you and nothing but to THANK YOUR hands upon our life........." ,smile.

          The LORD says, "My beloved child, whenever you are walking by faith not by sight, you will see my mighty hands lifted you up even when you see troubles, For I AM the LORD same as YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW" .............. When there is only one set of footprint walking, remember those are my footprints and I will always lift you up with my arms whenever you face trouble, do pray and ask in My name, Jeremiah 33:3 " Call to ME, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know."

“ KAU Mengangkatku "

Saatku terjatuh dan tak berdaya
Kesesakan menghimpit jiwaku
Namun ku tetap menantikan Yesus
Sampai Dia jamah dan pulihkanku

KAU angkatku di atas gunung batu
KAU angkatku melewati badai
Ku jadi kuat kerana KAU menopangku
Lebih dari yang dapat ku perbuat.

**Note : Above gospel song was sang in Malay Language.**

         Year 2006 Christmas was a wonderful memory for me and my darling. As we get together with Fountain of Grace Church and 60 others homeless, poor and needy people i.e. "Street people" in the HOME of halfway to Heaven, we sang, we praised and we worshiped the LORD together.  Buffet dinner were served and small gifts were given away, there were so much joys and happiness to be with them and see what LORD can used us to shine and love those who needed family in the wonderful time of Christmas. I prayed that those all of those who have attained this evening event have and will be accepted Jesus into their life, May the LORD bless and continue to be with them always, Amen.
          One day after Christmas ( 26th of  Dec. 2006 ), my darling Benjamin and I  walked through the Kajang hospital's wards from 3rd floor to Ground floor. Bringing the Good news of Jesus to those which Holy Spirit lead us to. Singing and praising the LORD with patients. As usual, I will lay hands and pray healing for the patients, comfort them with singing and rubbing some part of the body which are less comfort i.e. having pain.

            We thank GOD that He gave me privileges to brought two Indian women to Christ on the vary day. One of them were admitted due to Heart attacked and she was weeping away as I reached for her and hug her, "No one come to visit me when I am in the hospital", she said. I could understand her pains and suffer and I told her gentlest, "THE LORD care for you , that is why He has send both of us here to tell you that HE LOVE You very much, with His Everlasting LOVES", " Every single drop of your tear has been gather by the LORD , when you go to heaven one day, GOD will pour out for you and each and every drip of your tear will turn to sentences of writing which telling others why the tears were dropping. HE cares for you, sister." This woman later, prayed with me together in sinner prayer.


          On the 21st of Dec. 2006 I was yield to the LORD and obeying His voice together with my darling Benjamin (was prophesying that there will be a instant service at church and I will be giving sermon ) to Fountain of Grace for a evening worship. Ah Weng, one of the brother from the church came to fetch us from home. As we went into the van, he requested a service to be held and sermon to be preach that night. Woo, power of GOD just touch and without hesitate, my darling agreed.  I  was concern more about what my darling going to preach, he answer calmly , "Let the LORD lead" and cheerful chatting with the brother all the way. We have less than 1/2 hour to get ourself ready. It was the 1st time, I played on the keyboard ( used to be playing piano), choosing the worship songs. Have much confident on Ben. As he used to prophesying instantly, so I thought  that the preaching job is rested in his shouders so I wasn't concern  much on that matter.

          Joyfully, I learn the keyboards, getting my hands to familiar with the sounds and bits, at 8:35pm, people start arriving. No worship leader, no musician, no singer (except me playing the organ). Everyone take their seats including my darling waiting for service to start.
As I were continue playing "Jesus love me"  and I  announced that tonight service, let Holy spirit lead the worship. I saw God hands moving, as the music play, brother Ah Weng started to bound down and pray and praise the LORD. Others some standing up and some sit down. Church started singing "Jesus Love Me"..... one songs came after another as the LORD lead my hands and finally it came to this song "Segala Puji Tuhan", I started to left my seat and stand up at the pulpit and leading the song,  then lead the people to dance and worship. It was beautifully sang with Chinese and Malay versions, Praise the LORD , All Glory to HIM.

         After the praise and worship, I invited my darling to came up to give the sermon. As Benjamin talked , he start to prophesy into different people and 5 min. later, I felt the present of GOD and my darling stop talking and look at me and said, " Darling. the LORD want you to preach for tonight." I looked at Him with surprised but thank GOD , I learn to obey. It was a short 15 - 20 minutes sermon.  The LORD just whispering into my ears, boldly I spoke out what HE want me to related to the congregation and It truly wasn't me because I pray that Holy Spirt guide my lips that night, for I only a vessel for the LORD to used. An alter call were given at the end of the sermon, some have called to come out for healing and special anointing to cast out the fear of stand up to preach for GOD to give sermon, Hallelujah. Praise the LORD.

               I like to end this letter, this is a song is sing to me about our LORD " ............  Nothing is too difficult for ME, nothing is too difficult for ME , nothing ,nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing is too difficult for ME ."   THANK YOU LORD, PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME, Amen.

Serving with Christ,
Prophetess Cassandra

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