Sunday, June 21, 2009

High Ethic, moral and justice ( 1 )

High ethic, moral and justice of mankind
( 1 )

On 7th of June 2009, a Sunday evening, we were catching a train home after church service. We alighted at K.L. Central to wait for our train to Seremban. The train to Seremban which should have arrived at 7:15pm was delayed and canceled. And all the passengers have to wait for next train which was arriving at 7:40pm. It was a Sunday and a school holidays weekend. When the Seremban train finally arrived the platform were filled with passengers longing to go home. As the doors open, havoc started to occurred and we saw the the security guards were no way stand near. Double amount of people trying to pack themselves into one train, it was so difficult even to get into the train and everyone were squashing one another. As my husband was on the Q, getting into the train, he sensed that a hand from behind was trying to enter into his pocket and he quickly stop it by hitting the hand away. I got very upset and angry over the situation. And the moral of the passengers were low and everyone only thinking of getting on the train regardless of accidents e.g. if one passengers fall down or being step on, etc. And the pickpockets mostly are there waiting for this "Golden Opportunities" to get on their business. The selfishness and careless attitudes of the passengers were being exposed after a long waiting period.

As l praying over the situation ,suddenly, inside me, the spirit compelling me to shout out loud like a megaphone, " Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please...." I said, " We can choose to continue to live in a way of harming one another by pushing you and me for the sake of getting into the train. Or we can choose to live a better life by raise out our voice and complaint the issue "Frequent Train delay " to KTM ( Keretapi Tanah Melayu ) HQ by logging a complaint into KTM or Thor it's website. Let each of us write a letter even just a few words and our co-operation will sure get the situation improve." Everyone eyes were looking over my direction, some agreed and some still in their dreaming mood.

Meantime, I heard a young Chinese man next to me shouted. " I have lost my hand phone , someone has stolen my hand phone. " And the man were asking around to ask for his hand phone to be returned. Everyone just stand and kept quiet....... I got very angry and once again I shouted loud, " Take this number and sms to Rakan cop, they will send their Gerakan police and wait in following station." And his friend did what was told. My husband also supported me and said, " I could identify this guy if I see his face again, he is wearing blue T-shirt because the man was trying to steal something by putting his hand into my pocket." As the train reach Mid-Valley, the snatcher rush out. And the young Chinese man ask his friend to dial his hand phone number..... and we heard the phone was ringing.. the snatcher got frighten of all the back-fire and he decided to drop the hand phone and run off.... Hallelujah, Praise the LORD. Finally the hand phone was return to its rightful owner.

I felt so good that evening, even better than the ads which TV7 used to put on. And with a confident voice I speak out, "Look at the incident just a few minutes ago, it can happen to you or your loved ones. And everyone of you have the responsibilities and can do something to change it. " The young man faced me and express his thanks to me for helping him to get back his phone.

In many circumstances, we can choose to keep quiet and pretend that nothing has happen because the victim is not you or me. But it is up to our personal ethic, moral, love for mankind and responsibilities as a human being to one another to stand up for each other and said .......



Written by,
Cassandra Lai Fun Tze
13th June 2009


  1. That is very encouraging,and firm into your actions. But sometimes, personally I felt scared and helpless to speak out and make the change. Then only myself feels selfish and regrets how unresponsible humans in now days.

  2. As We are weak then only we realise how strong our God is..... therefore, I suggest we shall always and constainly reminded that Without Him we can do nothing. Therefore, pray and ask our dear God to empower us, transforms us to be more like Him and His image in our daily life, smile.

  3. Dear Flora,
    Thank you for posting your comment.