Sunday, June 21, 2009

High Ethic, moral and justice ( 2 )

Good High ethic, moral and justice of mankind (2)

During a school holidays, a young primary school female teacher has obtained the permission from the students' parents and headmaster to bring her students out for picnic at the park on a sunny day. As the lady was leading the children on a path toward the park, there came a rabid dog running toward them from the opposite direction. The teacher shouted to the group of small children and told them to turn around and run.

And the teacher decided to stay behind and try to stop the dog to come closer and eventually she was bitten by the mad dog, fainted and ended up in the hospital. As the young teacher was on the sick bed and visited by many others, she smiled and said only one statement with much joy, " I am glad I have fulfill my responsibilities and I have protected the children."

Her action and HIGH moral could not be POSSIBLE measured by law or rules of the school. To achieve a high moral, it takes more than obeying the rules and man made laws and it is a very very high measurement for mankind to fulfill it.

There is a famous Chinese proverbs, (Ñ©ÖÐËÍÌ¿) "Send the coal to the needy during winter time". If only our society can live our life up to that measurement, our family, our society and our nation will surely be a better place to live in and surely you will see the economic of the world booming up again.

NB: The above true story was astracted from "ÐÓ̳ É¢¼Ç"
a book written by
my Father in law
Mr. Liu Der Shu ÁõµÂÊà Öø
The headmaster of Kong Wah Secondary School, Klang

Our Lord Jesus Christ was being crucified and die for us while we are yet sinners, his death has paid for every sinners on the earth in order for us to enter the heavenly gate and enjoy the eternal life.

For those who yet to know our Lord Jesus, I would like you to pray this prayer with me : " Dear father in heaven, I know I am a sinner and I could not saved myself from going to hell. I truly appreciate what You have done for us by sending your only begotten son JESUS to this world and die for me. I, now open my heart,and sincerely invite Jesus to come into my life and be my savior. Please guide me, Lord Jesus, in each and every days for my new life which you have redeemed with your precious blood, I prayed and asked all this in the mighty name of JESUS, Amen."

God Bless you.

Written and translated by,
Cassandra Lai Fun Tze
13th June 2009

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