Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Last Persecution-" The Eviction Order "


        On the 13th of April, 2009. As I was editing my blog by doing some photos scanning right here at EAGLE-prophetic ministry website. I heard the door gate outside, a numbers of cars were stopping and I heard people shouting outside the gate. I told my husband Benjamin who was busy removing the spiders' net in our home. He asked me to check out what was happening outside. As I looked through our windows of dinning room, I noticed that two Malay men were shouting and asking us to come out from the house. I told my husband, " They are some people outside looked like some authority officers sent from government, I am too frighten to confront them alone, because they looked very unfriendly to us."

          One of the officer handed over an eviction order and rudely asking me whether I am staying in this house and he handled over me a letter ordering us to move out from the house in 10 more days. I was in shock and panic. I called my husband and he came out with a long stick on his left hand. We told the men that this news is too sudden and we were totally not inform before this. And the men pointed us to a black car and said that we could speak the house owner's lawyer. A Malay woman stepped out from the car and appeal to be friendly. I told the woman that my uncle had done wrong to us by issuing this court order for chasing both of us out so that he could sell out this house which was formerly built by my grandpa. My husband was angry and we were not being notify and we need more time. The lawyer agreed to negotiated and hence the two Malay men after passing the letter and post another at our gate. The lawyer said she will talk to my uncle in Australia via email as long as we agreed to move out. They left our home together with the lawyer.

          I was still in shocked and upsat while reading the eviction order. My heart was literally sinking, I asked the LORD, " Why? After all , You have promised me this is a House of Your Glory, and You wanted me to move in togheter with my darling, dwelling here and take care of this property which was build and designed by ny grandpa."  I just could not comprehence God's works in my family espeacially my 6th uncle treatment and persistence on chasing us out of this house. I have done a study years ago about the buying power of the purchasers in this area. It is impossible to sell because it is a leasehold land and having less than 28 years, all the banks refuse to approve bank loans. Eventhough, we moved out of this house, it will be set aside for vain purpose and I started to understand how wicked my uncle toward both of us , the devils knew good mightily things are going to take place in this season of time, and he is surely get a good hold of my uncle to stop God's moving. 
              As we devoted our time in prayers, God started to reveal more of His purpose. He told me by showing me visions of House of Glory having a great connection with the Chinese temple next door. Both lands are actually belong to my grandpa before he gave it out freely for the poeple to build a huge temple of worshipping idols. And the LORD showed me that the building of the temple shape like a " Dragon " body, and House of Glory is reperesenting the " Dragon's Head ".  In the Bible, Book of Revelation 13:4-9, God talks about Dragon, the fights with Dragon. verses 6 and 7 talks about the devils blasphemy against God, His name, His tabernacle and those who dwell in heaven, make war with the saints etc. And God also speak about the anti-Christ. The LORD told us many times as we soak in His present, HE told us that this is His battle, and He is fighting for us and He told us, " Be Stilled, and know that I AM GOD."

            My grandpa was a buddhist, so is all my others uncles and aunties (my grandpa has 12 children). My parents is yet be saved. I have prayed for their salvation for many years. Many months ago in 2007, one afternoon as I was mooping the floor of The House of GOD, (note : we have not water supply) and I carried the water from outside and carried the water to upstair). I was sad then and missing God's love. In the midst of doing the household works, God told me that He will answer my prayers through one incident where all of my relatives will bow down before HIM in front of me just like how Joseph's brohters bow down to him at Eygpt. I immediately broke into tears and I know that is the voice of Loving Father,  He is just and righteous and He will show mercy to those who show me mercy, my burdens were immediately lifted up.

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