Monday, May 2, 2016

Pride ~ Levisthan spirit whose aim is to destroy life


Pride is not an influence. It is a demon spirit trying to destroy the life of the people of God.
" Over all the pride  of the earth, he reigns supreme" ~ Job 4:34
When you study this "Pride" ----- you will notice that we are speaking about Leviathan.
 Leviathan is paralyzing homes, business and ministers ---- { the spirit that govern Malaysia is a Leviathan spirit ~ A Serpent of Pride } this go with U.S.A, Nigeria, etc

Through Pride --- it is stopping the flow of life and bringing stagnancy.

No human being can master the king of pride.
"When roused, he grows ferocious, no one can face him in a fight ...." Job 4:10

 Leviathan means a wreathed animal such as a serpent, a crocodile or a large sea monster.
It speaks about SATAN himself, wreathed with the scales of pride ~ JOB 41:15

When one is anointed, he is rubbed with the very PRESENCE of GOD.
but when one allows pride in his heart ---- he is " rubbed" with the scales of Leviathan.

What are examples of scales of  Leviathan?
* Pride ---> unduly high opinions of one's own qualities or merits.
* Arrogance ---> over-bearance through an exaggerated feeling of one's superiority.
* Contention ---> an assertion made in arguing.
* Boasting ---> speaking of oneself in such a manner to impress others.
* Haughty ---> proud of oneself and looking down on others.
* Witchcraft ---> misuse of spiritual power to control others.
* Manipulation ---> to influence craftily in order to cause others to suit one's purpose.
* Domination ---> to have a commanding OR controlling influence over
* Rebellion ---> refusing allegiance to an established government, open resistance to righteousness authority.
* Stubbornness   ---> not easy to deal with.

Stubbornness leads to rebellion ; Rebellion leads to pride ~ and pride leads to destruction.

SUBMISSION is the path to HUMILITY and humility will cause a DOUBLE PORTION of God's anointing to flow in an individual's life.

FEAR is a companion of PRIDE.
One who is prideful also has fear in his life. One who leans totally upon the Lord is not afraid.

Special note :
The Fire of HOLY SPIRIT is only available to the humble. 
The above passage derived from a book named " The Fire of the HOLY SPIRIT "
WRITTEN BY : Rev. Dr. Thomas Cheng

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