Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Apostolic commission : " Mission Impossible 不可能的任務"?

The Apostolic commission : " Mission Impossible " ???

Matthew 馬太福音 28:19,20
Mark 馬可福音16:15

        To those who just watched or have watched recently turned into a blockbuster movie, the Impossible Mission Force (IMF), a small group of highly trained men & women, was being sent on a seemingly impossible mission.
       Jesus called a small group of people, chosen by the Lord Himself, whom He called Apostles.
       What is the key? The answer is very simple : They were sent.
      To be an apostle, or to be apostolic, revolves around the concept of being sent. Only sent ones will be able to overcome the impossible odds that stand in the way of being able today, " Mission accomplished."


My "Awesome" is sleeping soundly.

Derived from " Praise For Moving In The Apostolic" 
by Writter : John Eckhardt

Posted by Apostolic Prophetic minister,
Cassandra Liu 

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