Monday, December 15, 2014

Prepare for A time of Suffering 做好準備苦難的時間 !

 Prepare for A time of Suffering !
 做好準備苦難的時間 !


      For I would speak to My body, I would speak to My body : Prepare, prepare for the times that have yet to break upon the Earth.
       For up until now, it has been an easy thing to walk in the West as a follower of Mine, says the Lord. And it is only in a few isolated territories across the Earth that My people suffer in My name, that their lives and the lives of their loved ones have truly been laid down for the sake of My Gospel. but I declare to you this day, that a time of suffering draws nigh and is coming soon upon the Earth, And I grieve for My Western Church. How I weep for you, my beloved Church, for I tell you, there is none, not one, who is truly equipped for that day that will come upon you.
       And I tell you this day : Take heed, My Church. Take heed for My warning now to you is My mercy. My warning now to you is My grace. Take hold of My mercy, beloved. Take hold of My grace and repent.  Change your ways. Embrace My ways. Take little stock in your reputation, but take great stock in Mine. Take little stock in your buildings, but take great stock in Mine. For My building is My people, and you have neglected My people. Yet My children are of infinite value to Me, says the Lord.

     Oh My rebuke is indeed My mercy. I am calling My church to prepare, that she may stood strong to endure and to have the privilege to suffer for My sake and the sake of My gospel. for up until now many of you, called by Me, have paid the price for your call, and you have labored greatly for your exploits of faith. And it has been well, says the Spirit of God, but now you shall learn to suffer for My Gospel, and it is a much higher thing, says the Lord. It is a higher thing to suffer for my Gospel than to do great exploits.

        Gird up your inner man. Prepare for war, prepare for war. Prepare for a major onslaught in the spirit realm. Gird yourselves up for war, says the Spirit of the Living God. gird yourselves up, for what starts as satanic onslaughts in the spirit realm will swiftly cross into the realm of the natural. And as you have seen one or two tragedies, I tell you that these shall be as nought compared to what will come. For I tell you that where you now walk in peace and where you come a season, where even to speak My name will bring such persecution that many of you --- even those who are leaders --- will count the cost and not endure.

       So you see, pastors, you see, ministers, I address you, I implore you, prepare yourselves. Prepare your people, prepare your congregations as for war. For they have little endurance, they have not been taught to endure in hardship, they have not been taught to persevere.  they have great faith but no endurance. you have taught them to prosper, to eat the finest wheat and built your fine buildings, but you have fed them that which is milk, that which will not sustain them in these coming days.

     Teach them, teach them, pastor : Teach them, teach them, minister, to suffer hardship for My name's sake. Teach them, teach them, minister. Teach them to endure, teach them to suffer hardship for My name's sake, that they might be of no reputation. For I tell you that as I look across My Church this day, many, many of My people hold their reputation clearer than My reputation. they will not stand in the time to come. Many, many of My people take stock in their possessions, in what they own, in what they possess. They will be found lacking, for I tell you, that there comes a release of wickedness upon the Earth, there comes a time of such darkness upon the Church that all that is temporal shall in a day perish.

        And so again My saints shall rise to proclaim My name, for once again they will live for Me alone, and My church shall stand like a flame of fire, like a beacon on a hill that will draw all men unto Me instead of to themselves.

      And so again My church shall be as My first  Church where all were as one, where no man possessed but each was a steward, where each day My body gave up their lives, dying daily for the sake of My Gospel.

     Oh, how I weep for how far removed My Church has grown from My true Gospel. Oh, how I weep for how far removed My Church is from the message that My sent ones preached. But I tell you that a shaking will come. And once more My Church  shall be shaken; she shall be persecuted. Many will count the cost. Some will even lose their lives for My name's sake.

 Take little stock in your buildings, 
but take great stock in Mine.

    And then My glorious Church shall rise. Oh yes, THEN shall My glorious Church rise. For surely I a came for a Church more glorious than My First Church. I came for a Church where each man and woman and son and daughter laid down their life for the proclamation of  My Gospel. .Where the cost is counted and embraced that My name might be glorified, that all may be one, that to suffer for My sake is the pearl of great price, that My gospel may be preached to all nations. that is My glorious Church. That is My spotless bride that shall rise at the end of the age.

BY Wendy Alec. 

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