Friday, July 18, 2014


" The Prophets "  - A Terrible Company
“先知 ” - 一个可怕的的伙伴

     Ha! Says the Lord. For sure in this age and in this season. My prophets are about to do some strange and some extraordinary things.

     Yes, prepare. Prepare yourselves for the extraordinary, for I AM raising up a people, I AM raising up a company of prophets who will act as an abrasion to the body of Christ, for surely there are many of My servants who will even question and wonder at the manner in which My prophets have been called to walk in these days. For I AM raising My prophets from the East and from the West, from the South and from the North. And not many are known and not many are well versed. But they are well versed in me, says the Lord.

     For these ones, yes, these ones, yes, their faces are set like flint. They will not heed the voice or the system or the politics and manipulations of man or minister. They shall one by one come forth in this time. And they shall not need or require man's favor or reward, for they are a strange and wonderful breed dedicated and holy unto the Lord. For they are neither bribable nor corruptible. for their master is neither mammon nor fame, nor favor. but their master is the mighty Holy One of Israel. And so these ones shall arise, and many, many of My ministers shall watch and stand ambivalent. And they shall come forth with a fierce countenance for they do not listen to the voice of man. For they have been trained in the desert place and the wilderness. For they have been raised on misunderstanding and rejections. For they have walked being despised and passed over and have been come forth and shine like gold. they can be bought by no man, no ministry, no pastor or elder.

     For they are Mine, says the Lord. As refined by fire, they hold only to Me. they speak only My words. they do only My deeds. And so it is that first one shall rise, and I shall confirm his words with My hand. And then ten shall arise close behind. and then twenty, and then a hundred, and then a thousand, like fire spreading across My Church.

     And they shall raise their voices in judgement against the false systems of My Church.  And they shall raise their hand even as Elijah, and My signs and My judgement shall come forth.

     And so it is that even My leading ministers shall stand back in wonder and receive these as My prophets, for surely the fear and conviction of My  Father shall fall upon them and they shall know that these are His, His alone. And so My ministers shall take heed. They shall take account of their ways, and so it shall be that because of the fierceness of their rising, so My servants shall fall and shall repent. And so My Church shall turn.

      And so because of these mighty unseen ones, I shall stay My judgement. And even as Jonah stayed My hand at Nineveh,  so shall My hand be stayed against disobedient generation of My Church. And so a great outpouring of My mercy shall come forth. Watch well and see this terrible company, for I tell you that even at this hour their rise in your midst. Take care and discern correctly that you may not be found having despised these strange and terrible ones, the prophets of the Most High.


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