Friday, February 7, 2014

The impact of playing with fire i.e fireworks, fire rockets, etc與火即煙花,火火箭彈,等的影響

           2014年2月5日~火災的影響,導致5-6房子在幾個小時內化為灰燼。在這些照片僅僅是一些遇難者(印度家庭)誰失去了兩套房子引發的火在馬來西亞,巴生~永安莊園。我們禱告的時候,悲傷哭了~,感受到來自上帝(印度人,中國人,印尼人)的疼痛,並導致一些以主耶穌基督為他們的得救,2 個印度人和一名中國得到了保存,並接受了基督後,我為他們禱告。你們要讚美耶和華為他們的得救。



              The impact of above fire cause 5-6 houses to ashes in few hours. In these photos are only some of the victims (Indian families) who lose their two houses cause by the fire on 5th of Feb. 2014 at Taman Eng Ann Klang, Malaysia. We prayed , I cried for all of them during prayers feeling the pains from the Lord (Indians, Chinese, Indonesians ) and led some to Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation, 2 Indians and one Chinese got saved and accepted Christ after I prayed for them. Praise the Lord for their salvation.

Warning to those who are stubborn and disobedient to obey the government law of prohibit to play fireworks :

If these are your families members or your houses which got burnt down, where are you going to stay and how are you going to survive when the fire taken everything from you and your loved one..... it can also cause death. One of the Chinese brothers who are very elderly whom we visited. One of them name Ah Lek has just went through heart operation at the hospital,resting now at home and his legs having walking problem. During the fire, which burning their neighbor home, he was so worry and they do not have car ( financially not good ). Thank God that the fire stop next to his home. Otherwise, try to imagine how can he survive from the fire. Ah Lek is one of the soul which we saved into the Kingdom of God.


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