Friday, January 3, 2014

A prophetic dream speaking to churches on 4th of Jan 2014.

A prophetic dream speaking to churches on 4th of Jan 2014.

       In my dream ,I saw 3 of us, my husband and our spiritual mentor and myself were attaining a Presbyterian church service or could be any churches service at a huge building. As the Senior Pastor (Female) was preaching the sermon half way, our spiritual mentor (a very old man with his white long beard full with wisdom from above) walk up to the pulpit and rebuking her for preaching false doctrine, she ignoring him and continue preaching. Then I saw my husband leave his seat and walk toward our mentor and talking softly face to face with the church pastor. I saw our spiritual leader and my husband bodies turning radiant bright, like light shine out from their bodies, gloriously. This time, the female pastor's facial changed a bit but still continue to preach through out the service.

        Then my husband walking down from form the pulpit and come toward me, insisted I shall pray non stop loudly as lead by the Holy Spirit. As I started to pray loudly, I sense the Holy Spirit is groaning within me, he is crying for the church, so sad, so sad!!!

          And the next moment, the pastor stare at me and my husband fiercely and slam her bible on the pulpit a sign of "SILENT". My husband, myself and our beloved spiritual mentor also closed our bible "loudly" and stand up then walk out from the service. Behind us, I heard chaotic , noise within the church.


Here , I found David Wilkerson's teaching  in the past on False Doctirne.

David Wilkerson - Jezebel [False Doctrine]


       下一刻,牧師狠狠的盯著我和我的丈夫和她​​ “大聲” 的關閉了她的聖經,講壇“沉默”的標誌。我的丈夫,我和我們敬愛的精神導師也​​ “大聲” 的關閉了我們的聖經​​. 站起來,然後從服務拂袖而去。我們後面,我聽到在教會中混亂,噪音.

Time coming for Face to Face " 面對面" 時間來了... ( II )

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