Friday, October 11, 2013

DON`T look at your inabilities, look at Jesus.

           I have found that indeed prayer changes everything. sometimes when we are down and feel miserable we have done some great wrong accused someone falsely we feel most miserable indeed. I think sisters in Christ can attest to this. the remedy is not to wallow in misery like the pig in dirty mud getting more soiled but just to pray a prayer for someone. the devil will tell you this brother is a cheapskate why should you bless him he never blessed me. prayer is therapeutic and healing for you. why are joints painful because you cursed and falsely accused someone. I, Benjamin Liu the prophet am not exempted neither the pastors. (Jesus did not give us diplomatic immunity). 
          We all have weaknesses and failures of our own. I am not ashamed to own mine, are you afraid too come warts and all and Jesus will heal you. I feel there is a pastor who needs this word. {He is saying. Jesus I have comitted adultery. I feel so miserable. I want to die. I am no use to the ministry, to my wife. I want to commit suicide suicide. } {Jesus is saying confess your wrong, my brother, don`t sink into Giant Despair. Jesus knows your failures. He knows how many times you will fail, Jesus came to give a Living Hope. 
        As I read the story of Moses call the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation. we are also like Moses. Exodus 4:10 we do the same thing. Lord, I am not capable. my grammar is terrible. I am easily subject to all kinds of vices. if my wife knows the lustful thoughts that run through my mind, she will divorce me overnight, all excuses. DON`T look at your inabilities, look at Jesus, look at His ability. answer the call of God. get up pastor from your sexual sin. confess if you deem necessary to the church, your wife ask forgiveness. 
         God knows beforehand you will make this moral mistake. Peter was miserable for denying Jesus. WE ourselves are also misrable for the Mistakes we make, spelling mistakes, moral mistakes, cooking mistakes, financial mistakes, criminal mistakes,etc. The Potter knows it all. come to Jesus and He will restore you. put down your pride and depression. Matthew 26:33-35 Mark 14:29-31 Luke 22:62 Peter, son of Jonas loveth thou Me OH let the Son of God enfold you in His love.
         我發現,確實禱告改變了一切。有時,當我們下來,覺得很慘,我們已經做了一些很大的錯誤指責有人訛我們的確覺得最慘的。我認為在基督裡的姐妹們可以證明這一點。補救方法是不是像豬在骯髒的泥越來越臟,但只是一個禱告的人鬱鬱寡歡。魔鬼會告訴你這個弟弟是個小氣鬼,你為什麼要保佑他,他從來沒有給我祝福。禱告是為你治療和癒合。為什麼關節痛苦的,因為你詛咒和誣告有人。我劉衛東先知我不能免除本牧師。 (耶穌沒有給我們外交豁免權) 。
我們每個人都有自己的弱點和失敗。我不以為恥自己的礦山,你怕太來疣和耶穌會醫治你。我覺得目前的工作,已經達到頂峰,誰需要這個詞是一個牧師。他說。耶穌我都提交了姦淫。我覺得這麼慘。我想死。我沒有使用部,我的妻子。我想自殺,自殺。 } {耶穌說承認你錯了,我的兄弟,不`噸沉入巨人絕望。耶穌知道自己的失敗。他知道你會失敗多少次,耶穌來給生活的希望。
當我讀到摩西的故事,叫聖靈給了我一個啟示。我們也像摩西一樣。出埃及記“ 4:10 ,我們做同樣的事情。主啊,我不能夠。我的語法是可怕的。我很容易受到各種惡習。如果我的妻子知道淫蕩的思想,貫穿我的腦海裡,她會和我離婚一夜之間,所有的藉口。 DON `T看看在你的無能,看耶穌,看他的能力。神接聽電話。起床牧師從你的性罪。承認,如果你認為有必要的教會,你的妻子請求原諒。

Time coming for Face to Face " 面對面" 時間來了... ( II )

Above message was shared by prophetic minister Benjamin Liu 
Posted by Prophetess Cassandra Lai
on 11th Oct. 2013.

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